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What is a Church Planting Movement? | Act Beyond Video

God is doing something unprecedented.

Church Planting Movements (CPM) and Disciple-Making Movements (DMM) are reaching tens of thousands with the good news of Jesus. This is an exciting season of history. 27 more words


13. T4T | A Story About Using T4T | David Garrison Video

T4T’s team-based approach offers valuable accountability.

David Garrison concludes this training series with a story about how accountability can foster fruitfulness and zeal.



12. T4T | The Hidden Wisdom of T4T | David Garrison Video

Reinforce some key elements of T4T with those you are discipling.

David Garrison explains some valuable insights about becoming a fruitful witness using the Training for Trainers model. 8 more words


11. T4T | The Importance of Reinforcing T4T Principles | David Garrison Video

Exhort your “doers of the Word.”

David Garrison explains what to do in week 6 of Training for Trainers. This review of steps is critical to laying a strong foundation for a T4T-inspired movement. 17 more words


10. T4T | Doing Church Using T4T | David Garrison Video

Become a Church.

Encourage your team to gather their Bible studies into Churches. David Garrison explains T4T’s important transition step from a group into a Church. 8 more words


9. T4T | Understanding Who God Is | David Garrison Video

Who is God, really?

Week four is a good opportunity to discuss who God is. David Garrison encourages us to adapt our presentation to the specific community of people with whom we’re sharing. 8 more words


8. T4T | Daily Time with God | David Garrison Video

Foster a reproducible pattern of knowing and following Jesus.

After some admonitions about not omitting elements of the weekly meeting, David Garrison explains lesson three in Training for Trainers. 30 more words