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Distinguishing Between Approaches to CPM | Church Planting Distinctives Video

There are many ways to foster a church planting movement.

This helpful video overviews some of the distinctives between the major models of church planting: T4T and obedience-based discipleship. 27 more words


Disciple-Making Movements Explained in 90 Seconds | New Church Growth Strategy

God is using movements to change the world.

The basic disciple-making movement process can be explained rather easily. This succinct video explains the disciple-making movement process in about 90 seconds. 27 more words


How to Start a Movement | Derek Sivers' TED Talk

Movements have some important characteristics.

This secular TED talk from Derek Sivers explains some key lessons that can help aspiring church planters foster a multiplicative church planting movement.

Watch more videos about movements.


Principles for Church Planting Movements | Act Beyond Video

What can we learn from the Bible about fostering movements?

Act Beyond beautifully encapsulates a basic, reproducible approach fo disciple-making movements.

Watch more videos about… 8 more words


What is a Church Planting Movement? | Act Beyond Video

God is doing something unprecedented.

Church Planting Movements (CPM) and Disciple-Making Movements (DMM) are reaching tens of thousands with the good news of Jesus. This is an exciting season of history. 27 more words


13. T4T | A Story About Using T4T | David Garrison Video

T4T’s team-based approach offers valuable accountability.

David Garrison concludes this training series with a story about how accountability can foster fruitfulness and zeal.

Learn more about church planting movements in David Garrison’s book… 21 more words


12. T4T | The Hidden Wisdom of T4T | David Garrison Video

Reinforce some key elements of T4T with those you are discipling.

David Garrison explains some valuable insights about becoming a fruitful witness using the Training for Trainers model. 24 more words