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12. T4T | The Hidden Wisdom of T4T | David Garrison Video

Reinforce some key elements of T4T with those you are discipling.

David Garrison explains some valuable insights about becoming a fruitful witness using the Training for Trainers model. 6 more words


11. T4T | The Importance of Reinforcing T4T Principles | David Garrison Video

Exhort your “doers of the Word.”

David Garrison explains what to do in week 6 of Training for Trainers. This review of steps is critical to laying a strong foundation for a T4T-inspired movement. 15 more words


10. T4T | Doing Church Using T4T | David Garrison Video

Become a Church.

Encourage your team to gather their Bible studies into Churches. David Garrison explains T4T’s important transition step from a group into a Church. 6 more words


9. T4T | Understanding Who God Is | David Garrison Video

Who is God, really?

Week four is a good opportunity to discuss who God is. David Garrison encourages us to adapt our presentation to the specific community of people with whom we’re sharing. 6 more words


8. T4T | Daily Time with God | David Garrison Video

Foster a reproducible pattern of knowing and following Jesus.

After some admonitions about not omitting elements of the weekly meeting, David Garrison explains lesson three in Training for Trainers. 28 more words


7. T4T | The Vital Role of Prayer in T4T | David Garrison Video

Movements do not happen without abundant prayer.

While it is easy to focus on the strategy in T4T, do not forget the prayer is the critical foundation of everything else. 13 more words


6. T4T | The Structure of T4T Meetings | David Garrison Video

Making disciples using T4T begins during the weekly meetings.

David Garrison shares what to expect from the beginning of your gatherings, and how to proceed. Remember, you are fostering leaders of leaders. 9 more words