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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

We live in a world today, with statistics all around us. Opinion polls. Confidence Intervals. Margin of Error. Risk estimates. But do we actually understand what any of these things mean? 1,956 more words

Large Intestine: Just an Extra Organ?

Yesterday, one of my good friends from the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) community pointed out a few things about the video that was associated with the… 674 more words

A New Kind of Fingerprint

Is DNA fingerprinting going to replace the traditional fingerprint? I think the answer to that is undeniably,” Yes!” In the past few weeks I have paid more attention to some of the television and news shows that are on. 249 more words

DNA Helping to Break Down the Brick Wall

  Many people who research their family history eventually hit “a brick wall.”  This happened to me and it was frustrating.  I just wanted to keep moving back in time to discover new people, places, and histories, but there was a wall.   271 more words


Gedmatch's EthioHelix Africa-only DNA admixture test

This is the last post in the series covering free admixture analysis tools and how sub-Saharan admixtures are calculated and reported. You can read the full series of posts here: … 490 more words

DNA Discoveries

Gedmatch's HarappaWorld admixture test answers my West African results question

I have been covering the challenges of African descended DNA analysis in this series of posts. The children of African descent, particularly those in the Americas and the Caribbean do not have a straightforward genetic inheritance. 1,021 more words

DNA Discoveries

Gedmatch's Dodecad DNA analysis and African DNA results

Continuing the series of posts covering the various genetic admixture analytic tools hosted by Gedmatch, this post covers the Dodecad tool.

The team behind Dodecad carried out an extensive K=3 Admixture analysis of around… 646 more words

DNA Discoveries