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An Irish Sampler

Born a Duffy, and extremely proud of her Irish heritage, it was no surprise when FTDNA’s MyOrigins returned a 99% British Isles result for my grandmother Gladys.  1,135 more words

Genetic Genealogy

EXCLUSIVE: Georgia woman tries to prove Chris Rock is her son's father

TORONTO — Two women who claimed to have become pregnant after trysts with comedian Chris Rock in the ’90s are revisiting the question of paternity — even though DNA tests cleared him. 888 more words


Atlantic: "Genetic Testing and Tribal Identity"


An excerpt:

But figuring out where your ancestors came from becomes complicated when it entails a legacy of exclusion of displacement. Tribes each have important cultural histories, that include their origin stories.

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Author: Matthew L.M. Fletcher

The U.S. Is Exonerating More People Than Ever

The U.S. exonerated a record number of people in 2014, according to a new report, continuing a steady increase over the last decade as cultural shifts have made some law enforcement agencies more willing to re-examine long-closed criminal cases. 300 more words

Must-Have Tools for FTDNA Users: Genome Mate

When tracing your family tree, whether through traditional genealogy or by making use of DNA testing, ongoing success will rely on a few simple factors: patience, luck, and good organizational skills.  1,205 more words

Genetic Genealogy

Next Generation Solution for Forensic DNA Testing

BioIT World  January 21, 2015 |

Illumina today released its MiSeq FGx instrument, a version of the company’s MiSeq next generation sequencer modified for forensic DNA testing, as well as ForenSeq chemistry and software kits. 32 more words

Forensic DNA

Emotional Appeals for the Death Penalty

By Julia Marlin


Many people in the United States strongly believe in the necessity and effectiveness of the death penalty. While there are passionate arguments on both sides, the nature of each side’s arguments is very different; most of the arguments in favor of the death penalty are rooted in a pathos appeal, using real life stories of innocent people being brutally murdered and sometimes raped to evoke strong emotions of sadness and horror in people to be channeled into a need for justice and revenge. 2,063 more words

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