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Can you really pinpoint DNA Ancestry in Africa to one tribe?

If you’re African American, can you really know what tribe you come from? It’s a question I’ve been fielding via email and through comments on my blog. 1,370 more words

Family History

Matthew Knowles Fathered a 2nd child!

A second woman has come forward and claimed Mathew Knowles, 63, fathered her child.

A new report claims that former model TaQoya Branscomb, 30, has a child that DNA tests showed is a 99.9% fathered by Matthew’s Knowles, which means… 132 more words


DNA traces can reveal the appearance of perpetrators

Helsinki Times 18 Sep 2014

DNA tests may open new possibilities for forensic investigators in the years to come by allowing them to determine the colour of eyes and hair as well as the ethnic origin of the suspected perpetrator. 19 more words

Forensic DNA

my results from my ancestry.com DNA kit are in...and...whoa

I realize I am the last of my kind. The last Sullivan to carry this name in this life, and over the years I’ve come to terms with this. 458 more words

The Gathering Kind

Wildlife Officials Say They Killed Mountain Lion That Attacked Boy

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Wildlife officials in Northern California shot and killed a mountain lion Wednesday, saying they are virtually certain it is the one that attacked a 6-year-old boy along a hiking trail three days earlier. 362 more words


Paternity Court TV Judge Lauren Lake Interview: Talks New Book, Song, & Singing Backup for Jay-Z

by Kia Kelliebrew

Take a small glimpse into the world of Judge Lauren Lake as we chit chat about her current position on Paternity Court TV… 689 more words


Science Does It Again!

The eighteen-hundreds, DNA testing is close to a century away, and Jack The Ripper reaps havoc on five female victims.  In 1888, the infamous Jack The Ripper went on a killing spree straight out of a Wes Craven film, killing five female prostitutes who’s virginity, by horror movie standards, is a sentence to be slain. 286 more words