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Whatfore Art Thou Lucy?

Over the past month, I’ve begun to obsess on whether Lucy might be considered a genetically modified organism. GMO’s are illegal in Mendocino County. We could be breaking the law by harboring her. 797 more words

Small Town

Mark Mitchell Speaks at Tempe Chamber Hot Topics Luncheon

As an Ambassador of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and member of the Business Development Committee, I could not be more proud of the tremendous projects the City of Tempe is developing. 67 more words

Drug Testing

A Relatively Timely Blog Entry

Time. It’s relative and usually there’s not enough of it (time that is, not relatives; I have an abundance of those). My last blog, tarasdismalnitch.wordpress.com, was terminated in 2010 due to my lack of time. 965 more words


French Police's Plan To DNA Test 500 High Schoolers Wouldn't Fly In U.S.

French police are demanding DNA samples from 527 male students and staff members in its search for the perpetrator of a high school rape case. The teenage victim says that she can’t identify her assailant since he attacked her from behind in a dark bathroom at the school on Sept. 609 more words

DNA test is latest to confirm ID of American WWII soldier buried in Germany

This is from Stars and Stripes.

MILWAUKEE — An American forensic lab announced Monday it has independently confirmed through DNA testing that the remains recovered from a German ossuary in France are indeed U.S. 405 more words

DNA Hook

A few weeks ago I wrote about my concerns about DNA testing. I haven’t given up my spit, yet, but my uncle has.

It  was a surprise to me when he told me he had even taken the test. 466 more words


Who am I?

There has been a persistent rumor in my family about an Indian ancestor. Well. Every native Texan wants to find a horse thief and a Cherokee princess in their ancestry, but some in my family insisted that the Indian ancestor was really there, if only we could find her. 154 more words