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Love, it's in your genes

Most kids worry about passing tests, winning games, lost phones, fractured bones—and whether or not they will ever really fall in love. While the first few things are of relatively low value in the scientific pursuit, three Chinese researchers have focused on that last question.  459 more words


Getting there, when you're still over here

I  was a young stay at home mom when I first learned that the first and most important step in any endeavor is just show up. 1,041 more words

That's Life

Déjà Vu and DNA: Just How Connected Are We?

Have you ever known who was going to call right before the phone rang? Yesterday, I experienced this sort of premonition twice. First, my husband and I were talking about my son’s upcoming soccer practice and whether or not we were going to commute together with his friend and his father. 627 more words


DNA's explanation about its self-censorship is not convincing

For Scroll.in on 14 July 2014

During Indira Gandhi’s Emergency, articles censored by the government resulted in blank spaces in the papers. The equivalent of those blank spaces today is a link on a website where an article once existed but now says, “The requested page could not be found.” 808 more words


A T-Shirt and Blue Genes

There was a queue outside one of the classrooms at work as many of us waited to get our flu vaccinations. Of those in line, many retorted their dislike for getting a shot. 627 more words


Sunshine Time

The arm is almost finished and I am loving it.


Conversations with a non-conformist – Dr Bindeshwar Pathak

Making toilet a tool of social change, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, has brought a sanitation movement in India and has touched countless lives by restoring dignity of labour.

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