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Row over cow settled by DNA tests

The cow in question

A woman in the southern Indian state of Kerala is set to win a court battle to keep a cow after DNA tests proved it belongs to her, her lawyer says…The woman, TS Sashilekha, had been accused by her neighbour Geetha of stealing the animal.

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Quantum Healing Collapsing the Subatomic Limbic Waves

Part one

Criteria for transformation

- Identify quantum two point observations for limbic system.

- Create a visual of limbic subatomic waves. What is there frequency and wave pattern? 541 more words

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How To Work Spiritually With Your DNA

Let’s explore working outside of time & space with your DNA . Let’s find all the things you don’t want & by using Wormholes expel them from your life. 111 more words


Children with 3 Parents?

When we think about our genes, we most commonly think of the nuclear genome, the 23 pairs of chromosomes that determine our characteristics but the nuclear genome is not the only genome we possess. 615 more words

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Ancestry is in my DNA

When I came to FGS2014, I fully expected to learn a lot about genealogy, meet some professional genealogists, get some good deals on books and subscriptions, and maybe meet a distant cousin. 212 more words


Could Jurassic Park Happen In Real Life?

Great News. With yet another┬áJurassic Park rendition upcoming in theaters Summer 2015, Jurassic World is anticipated to be the blockbuster hit of the year… 811 more words