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My husband and I have been parents for just over a month now. We only had about two weeks to prepare, as opposed to the normal nine months. 408 more words


Omarion Dumps His Baby Mother After She Rejects Paternity Test (PIC)

“Love & HipHop Hollywood” fans say Omarion mother has something to do with this.

According to Urban Hip Hop, the R&B singer’s mother doesn’t like his girlfriend Apryl too much and when Omarion asked her for a paternity test for their newborn (pic below), Apryl said no. 28 more words


Jack The Ripper Revealed

The world may finally know the real name of Jack the Ripper. A new book out recently called “Naming Jack The Ripper” claims to have uncovered the serial killer’s identity with the help of DNA analysis. 326 more words

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Scientific Evidence of the Soul

The soul is the essence of who you are. Is it physical? Can it be observed and proven to exist? There may be many in science who wouldn’t dare ask these questions from fear of being discredited or even blacklisted from publications. 782 more words


I was always raised knowing that both sides of my family are German… My mom’s parents were German and my dad’s grandparents (my great-grandparents) were German. 161 more words


Jack the Ripper: Scientist Who Claims to Have Identified Notorious Killer Has 'Made Serious DNA Error'

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‘Error of nomenclature’ undermines case against Polish immigrant barber accused of carrying out the atrocities in 1888

It was supposed to have been the definitive piece of scientific evidence that finally exposed the true identify of Jack the Ripper after he had brutally murdered at least five women on the streets of Whitechapel in the East End of London, 126 years ago. 956 more words


DNA Barcoding: Identifying Organisms at the Molecular Level

How would you identifying all the species in the picture? You could consult a field guide, ask a mycologist (a person who specializes in fungi), or you could sequence its DNA. 298 more words