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DNA, from Still Waters

“And what if we are barely what we say,
but only captives of our DNA…
subject to the game and by acquired
twists and turns of the incumbent double… 21 more words

DNA Results 4-18-14

DNA parentage results were uploaded this morning on animals that went in to test the week of 3/26/14 and 4/10/2014.  We also uploaded a set of GGP-HD results.  289 more words


Remembering the Spirit


The moments in life in which feel we are losing control are the moments in which we are being led by spirit we must learn dissolve the part of ourselves that we call our mind. 258 more words

Importance of Genetics - How We Are Made

The origins of modern genetic science date back to 1865, when Gregor Mendel observed patterns of genetic inheritance in peas grown in his garden. He is considered to be the father of modern genetics. 688 more words


Proof That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness

The below article is taken from Waking Times, which discusses our bodies being a projection of our unconsciousness.  I agree with most everything here with one caveat:  We must not be tempted by Solipsism or the belief that good and evil via mind are actually reality.   3,269 more words

Spirtuality And Religion

Celts And Their Germanic Cousins

Now DNA proves there be a clear connection

The Celts and the Germanics are cousins, they reckon

And if this song weren’t written by a beer guzzlin’  kraut chompin’  German, 126 more words


Lent Day 39

Clear Vision – Reconciliation

Arrested, accused and condemned to death, Good Friday, the second of the Triduum, is the day in which we remember this final act of the world, carried out against an innocent man. 413 more words