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Mitochondria and Anti Aging

I’m sure you can all relate, you go to fix the sink and in the process you build a new kitchen on accident. Anyone… no? Well that is sort of what happened to researchers recently, while developing a new cancer drug, they discovered that mice lacking a specific protein live longer lives with fewer age-related illnesses. 728 more words


Four Girls

How young I was then! All I could think about, that day, while the small glasses filled with fresh Frascati wine touched and chinked, was that I had made love to each of the four girls sitting at the table with me. 3,300 more words


Snapshots of Life: Wild Outcome from Knocking Out Mobility Proteins

When biologists disabled proteins critical for cell movement, the result was dramatic. The membrane, normally a smooth surface enveloping the cell, erupted in spiky projections. This image, which is part of the… 346 more words


Scientific Discoveries 31/7/14

Find anything interesting around the interwebs lately? Well, I’ve been looking around them myself for any tidbits of scientific information to catch my eye, and I’ve compiled them all together here for you to ponder over for yourself. 223 more words

DNA Stimulation for DNA Repair Reversing Cell Damage in the Human Body

DNA stimulation is a unique brainwave entrainment technology aimed at accelerating DNA repair, thus reversing the cell damage in the human body.

As everyone knows, DNA is the micro foundation of human life in its body. 629 more words

The Police State Wants More Than Your Papers..... "The Police State Wants More Than Your Papers The Stasi will soon demand your fingerprints, DNA, and retina scan, says Eric Peters." – LewRockwell.com


More Than Just Your Papers, Please . . .By Eric PetersEric Peters

AutosJuly 31, 2014Email PrintFacebookTwitterShareDo we live in a police state?

What other state forces non-criminals to submit to fingerprinting in order to obtain permission to drive?Or merely to exist? 513 more words

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