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“Golden Rainbow” ep36 ~ Do Young:"I think I'm going to become a demon."

What happens when you realize that you made the wrong decision? Can you go back?

Will the people you’ve hurt forgive you? Can thinks go back the way they were?


“Golden Rainbow” ep34 ~ Young Won's return!

In kdrama’s every time something is about to change someone comes from America…

Finally Young Won appears. What will be Man Won, Baek Won, Sib Won and Yeol Won’s reaction when they will meet Young Won.?


“Golden Rainbow” ep32 ~ Do Young to Baek Won :” I am tired of you.”

Have anyone noticed that in Korean drama’s always someone die, get amnesia or dementia?

Oh yes and in Korean drama’s  always there is a shower scene and always someone throws a glass of water in another person’s face.  1,368 more words


“Golden Rainbow” ep31 ~ Baek Won: “ Grandma…I’m Ha Bin…You’re real granddaughter, Jang Ha Bin.”

Have anyone else noticed that every time Do Young and Baek Won get close something is happening?

Every time they start thinking just about the two of them, Do Young finds something that his father did and start move away from Baek Won…


“Golden Rainbow” ep30 ~ Young Hye to Baek Won : “ You’re Ha Bin, Baek Won! You’re my daughter!”

In this episode Do Young find out that his father killed Ha Bin’s real father, Jang Deok Soo and also Baek Won’s father, Kim Han Joo. 1,503 more words


“Golden Rainbow” ep29 ~ Baek Won: “ Do you know what it means when a girl gives a man a nicktie?”

On the Golden Fishery hallway, Baek Won and Ha Bin meet. Young Hye called Ha Bin to tell her that she,Young Hye, told Baek Won the truth. 1,102 more words


“Golden Rainbow” ep28 ~ "Ha Bin is not the real Jang Ha Bin?"

What will happen now with Do Young and Baek Won? Will they separate?

What will Baek Won do when she finds out that Ha Bin is not the real Ha Bin?