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I am in my happy place

Tantalizing.  So much is about the smells of lake and ocean.

Pine, wet earth, the salty air, coconut sunscreen, high tide, my childhood home, my other childhood home. 279 more words


Accessing Blocked Websites

We all like to try and access blocked websites at school, college or work so there are several ways of viewing these blocked sites.

These tricks are posted to help people accessing bolck websites..so don’t forget to share this post. 713 more words


Employer ID Numbers (EINs)

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity. Generally, businesses need an EIN. 237 more words


Salotape Untuk Halang Dye Jeans Terkena Pada Kasut

Bonjour! Sebelum nie aku janji nak share pasal teknik halang jeans bleed dgn salotape kan? So ini masa aku nak bercerita. Korang bernasib baik, aku jumpa gambar sekali utk membantu korang paham. 288 more words

Do You Know

Culture Good or bad?

cameroon is very rich culture wise as we have over 200 different cultural heritages. culture is a great tool for identification especially in a foriegn land. 157 more words


Masalah Jeans Turun Warna? Anda Mungkin Terkejut Apabila Membaca Cara ini

Greeting! Hal yg lepas aku kongsikan bersama korang tentang jeans bleed yg mana dye jeans turun pada kasut, kusyen dan lain2. Korang boleh rujuk post aku yg lepas. 553 more words

Do You Know