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Chapter 18: Dumbledore's Army

Questions Answered

I am going to try and answer some of the proposed questions I brought up from the last review after thinking about them. As always, feel free to write your own answers and thoughts to these questions. 318 more words

Harry Potter

Entering the World of Harry Potter

Believe it or not I did not start reading the Harry Potter books intentionally. My older brother actually had the first book, so one day after school with nothing left to do the book caught my eye. 310 more words

Ranking character deaths: On the scale of 'I don't care' to 'the most painful'

Death is a very interesting theme that the Harry Potter series deals with, as every reader would know. All throughout the seven books, we have been exposed to magical items and creatures associated with death – the Philosopher’s Stone, the Hallows, horcruxes, the Grim, thestrals, and even the Hogwarts ghosts’ celebration of their Deathday. 2,269 more words

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Charm Bracelet

TruffleShuffle meets Harry Potter with a range of cute jewellery and charms, I managed to pick up the Sorting Hat necklace for £6.99, the charms are £3.99 each and the charm bracelet is £4.99. 143 more words


Protection of Magical Creatures

This post is in honor of both Hagrid’s birthday (December 6th) and Charlie Weasley’s birthday (December 12th), to recognize their interest and respect towards all magical creatures. 1,041 more words

Daily Drama 29

Winter at The Funny Farm can be pretty grim. Water dishes have to be unfrozen daily, and the huge ice cubes that were yesterday’s water have to be stashed out of the way so they don’t become tomorrow’s hazard. 674 more words

Stacy's Funny Farm