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Daily Drama 13

At some point, I’ll write up my turtle story. For today, I’ll just tell you about my trip to the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS). For reasons I won’t go into right now, I knew my little turtle was lonely. 358 more words

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Dobby’s Diary – Issue Number Two | Dobby the Capybara

Issue Number Two of Dobby’s Diary is finally here! Featured this time is a quiz: Are you ready for a capybara? It’s a dumb quiz, it’s way too long, and the answers are based upon an extremely small sample size of *one.* 143 more words

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The Spy for A Cause: Kreacher (and other house elves)

The Spy for Cause—Patriotic: Kreacher

A spy who could be deemed patriotic without connection to a particular nation is Kreacher. As a member of and servant to the House of Black, he has absorbed all of their biases and prejudices. 466 more words


The Dumbledore Who Didn’t Like House-Elvesa dream

A long time ago, there were 4 kids starting at Hogwarts. They really wanted to play with… 194 more words

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Harry Potter Random Fact #1

Hi! I’m going to post a random Harry Potter fact every other day so WATCH OUT!

Todays random fact is: … 27 more words

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DIY your planner :)

This is just a simple way to personalize your planner in no time!
You’ll need some type of black papper, photo paper, a printer, scissors, some glue and, of course, a planner. 140 more words

It's Official, for Real This Time!

Stacy’s Funny Farm is now exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)! The effective date of exemption is way back on May 30, when I incorporated in Washington State. 106 more words

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