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My Name is Dobby | Dobbye the Capybara

There is some understandable confusion regarding Dobby’s name and how it is spelled. Until Facebook allows him to spell it properly, most people know him as Dobbye, so his blog name reflects the most well known spelling. 16 more words

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My Name is Dobby


I thought it would be fun to have a capybara named “Doggy.” Then if I had to call him from afar, he would come running and everyone would think he was a dog. 691 more words

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The Charities of Runway Games

So we found someone to accept our sock (see here). A few someone’s, actually.

Though we will add more charities to our donation list as the Studio grows, these are currently our top three choices who have agreed to accept our donations. 110 more words


For Harry Potter Fans Only

I really am getting too addicted to Harry Potter. When I was watching the Deathly Hallows Part 1, when Hedwig was shot I felt like crying. 133 more words


Daily Drama 3

The big news all happened yesterday. Shana came to visit and brought a huge bucket of treats for Dobby! I’ll tell that story when I have a bit more time. 188 more words

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Harry Potter - Dobby's Dry Cleaning

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Daily Drama 2

Remind me to take my phone out there next time so I can take photos. Actually, I have a fairly recent video that captures the moment pretty well! 87 more words

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