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It's time For The Tea Party To Give Eric Cantor The Boot

Eric Cantor and Steve LaTourette Continue To Wage War Against Conservatives

By Alexis Deacon
Steve LaTourette, a former GOP establishment congressman, runs two anti-TeaParty Super PACs; … 1,437 more words

My Thoughts

Doc Thompson Exposes Eric Cantor

Audio from the Blaze radio

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Eric Cantor Supporters Now Resorting to Calling Opponents Nazis

Trust me, Eric, it’s a foolproof strategy

This morning I was on Doc Thompson’s morning radio show at TheBlaze.com.    Doc has this really bizarre idea that if people in Eric Cantor’s district in Virginia knew about all of the stuff Cantor’s done while pretending to be a public servant, they’d be so anxious to vote him out the election couldn’t come fast enough.  543 more words

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