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The last month or so has been a balancing act of sorts made more difficult by the fact that my balancing skills ended decades ago after a few too many tumbles-gone-wrong in kindergarten gymnastics class.  658 more words


A document for stream data used in DHSVM

Zhuotong Nan (南卓铜, giscn@msn.com)

Three files related to stream data are required to run DHSVM. One is the stream network file, which include information for each stream segment. 124 more words


One Year Ago

I started this blog one year ago today. The reason I decided to begin blogging is because I felt I had a lot to say, even if it was to no one. 508 more words



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October 25th - time stopped - 365x project

favourite time in Autumn. Film festival out of the world state of mind. Jihlava, Czech Republic. Documentaries all day long. Special time, special way you feel the time, microcosmos, time stopped here in lovely way, don’t it ends.


Happy campers

We haven’t posted in a little while because we have been getting on with the mundaness of living – getting up early, working, making pizza, watching My Kitchen Rules New Zealand, that sort of thing. 437 more words

New Zealand