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Cannery Road by John Steinbeck

I was inspired to read Cannery Row by John Steinbeck when we went to Monterey as part of our honeymoon in June this year. I really liked Monterey, the aquarium was amazing and the interesting history of Cannery Row was on little notice boards along the footpath. 720 more words

Historical Fiction

🎶multiple da-a-aily inje-e-e-ections!🎶

Yes that’s me singing in a Sesame Street voice about multiple daily injections (MDI). Sam decided to try giving up his insulin pump after 12.5 years of pumping. 569 more words

Children With Diabetes

Parsing .doc files and extracting content

A follow on blog post will come in upcoming weeks when i get around to this little project, but to keep ontop of it ill write something about it now. 150 more words


Blue Fridays

Meet Ace, everyone!

Those people (and dogs) that you see with the blue circles on their social media account profile pictures are participating in the Project Blue November movement.  74 more words


Big Chief Principal on the warpath; demands all students in his teepee use "redskin" to describe his tribe

Meet Rob McGee. No, he’s the other one…

Over my time in covering student newspapers and the battles they face when dealing with administrators, one thing has become abundantly clear: The more wrong the argument, the more vigorously the administrators enforce it. 821 more words

Current Affairs

Extra Fees Can Ruin A Good Car Deal

This is the fifth in a five-part series on getting the best price for your next car.

(NEW YORK) — So you’re at the dealership, you’ve done all your homework, you negotiated a price close to the dealer invoice, and you got a great allowance for your trade-in. 137 more words