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Confession 4: I've got a big butt and I cannot lie! These pant fits you just can't deny!

Not everyone looks good in skinny jeans…….


And there are just those people in the world who were blessed with a particular body type, who possess a certain confidence that allows them to wear just about anything. 1,102 more words


From the closet: Chino time

I have always been fond of chinos. If i don’t feel like wearing denim, it’s chinos I go to. Also a chino is great to mix with denim when one does not want to go double denim. 154 more words


Blue day off.

So whats with the look? The first addition and its so basic. Comfort. Comfort, plus, it chilly outside. Dash is just beginning to embark into the wild world of sweaters and is taking baby steps. 149 more words

Mens Fashion

Research: Types of posters.


A little obvious that I know, but seriously… when designing a poster or anything where on EARTH do you start?! 214 more words

HND1: Type Tour Poster

When all the Apple's a stage and all the Brands merely players

Inspired from the Shakespeare’s poem, As you like it, a drama appeared when the news went viral about Apple’s flagship brand iPhone 6 plus getting bent when kept in pocket while all the brands suddenly became audience to this phase. 214 more words

Where to from here for the Dockers? Season Wrap Up

” … we’re not guaranteed to get there … it’s going to take a huge amount of hard work to get back into this position we found ourselves this year” – Matthew Pavlich… 1,331 more words