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Leather: Doc Martens, Jackets and Other Stuff

I’ll fully admit it: I adore leather.  No, before you ask I’m not a vegetarian, vegan or anything of that ilk and I do adore animals (especially cats, but fear not, I’m not 65 and covered in fluff!) I think that it’s the smell, texture and generally sexiness of the material which really attracts me.  272 more words

Value Village scores again!

If you go to Brantford and have no much to do, you should definitely go check the Value Village there. It’s not that big, but WOW! 362 more words

The Bubblegum Blader and the Autumn Crusader

Yesterday my sister and I went on a walk/rollerblade and took a few outfit photos.

(I’m not sure why my knees look so dodgy up there) 113 more words