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Dr. Aw: The medical revolution will be digitized, so let's count the ways

Back in the late ’90s, I can remember driving to a hospital in southwestern Ontario, where some colleagues were going to demonstrate the latest in medical technology: It was a remote consultation system that allowed neurologists in London, Ont., to assess stroke patients in the province’s far-flung rural communities. 879 more words


Being mindful of empathy

THE human mind is complex – it has no physical form but we all have one and need it to function in day to day life. 409 more words

Empathy And Healthcare

DIY* medicine: do you know when you need to see a doctor and when you don't?

 *DIY: do it yourself.

As doctors we are trained to know a lot about disease, how to cure or how to make people suffer less, at the very least. 894 more words

Healthy Living

A Matter of Trust

Even before my cancer diagnosis three years ago I understood that trust is one of the central features of the patient-physician relationship. Ideally when I come under a physician’s care I should trust in my doctor’s competency and in their commitment to me as a patient. 864 more words

Reducing "Excess" Readmissions to Hospitals

Section 3025 of Obamacare penalizes hospitals for readmissions that the Central Authority deems excessive.   Those who run afoul of the edicts of the Central Authority are  penalized up to 3% for readmitting too many Medicare patients in a 30 day period.  148 more words

Health Freedom

The Doctor Is In

Most people don’t get excited to take a visit to the doctor’s office.  I, however, considered it quite the opportunity.  Since I am a full time student in the UK, I am “entitled to National Health Service treatment” and was curious to see how treatment would vary from what I had previously received back home in the States.   1,293 more words

Livin' In London

Who's In Charge Anyway?

Medical ethics is quite the perpetual hot topic. From Hippocrates to the GMC to the general public and customers of the NHS, everyone has a view. 758 more words

Cancer Care