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The mental status exam (R. Campo)

What is the color of the mind? Beneath
The cranium it’s pinkish grey, with flecks
Of white mixed in. What is the mind’s motif?
Depends on what you mean: it’s either sex… 100 more words


First suture (Allan Peterkin)

The mother shakes
but the child flails
with terror
a four-inch gash
on her perfect brow The father waits outside pacing, raging
his answer to fear… 47 more words


Chronicle of a morning spent at the hospital

This morning I had my routine appointment at the NHS hospital to get prescriptions for my Copaxone. 

Here we have a mixed health system, where the NHS coexists with private hospitals and private practices. 849 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

To Say, or Not To Say?

When we were at medical school we were taught so much about communication skills, that this is something that can be learnt and not purely acquired through childhood. 980 more words

Cancer Care

Distinguishing Products from Solutions in Healthcare: Remembering the "Job to be Done"

I recently sat down with a surgeon colleague to lament what he described as a “surge” of new patients who had come to his practice with well-defined and specific demands for surgery. 512 more words

Decoding Doctor-Speak: the Communication Gap Between Doctor and Patient

If I told you that you had an erythematous papule, what would you think? Would you think it was nothing? Would you begin to panic that you had something serious, perhaps even fatal? 1,361 more words

Chronic Illness