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Injections and the Personal Touch

“Fear of the needle is usually acquired in childhood.  The psychic trauma to millions of the population produced in this way undoubtedly creates obstacles to good doctor-patient relationships, essential diagnostic procedures, and even life-saving therapy.”  Janet Travell, “Factors Affecting Pain of Injection” (1955)[1] 2,299 more words

William Stepansky

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Heavily pregnant with my 1st son, a colleague begged me to cover his shift at another hospital. He was due for an interview and his boss would only release him, if he found a substitute doctor. 686 more words

Doctor- Patient Relationship

The Evolving Patient-Doctor Relationship

Medicine is a calling. For dedicated physicians, our responsibility to our patients, profession and society extend beyond regular working hours and occupy our minds outside of both hospital and clinic. 532 more words

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Radio Signals

A typical day’s conversation between me and the Holy Ghost.

Dr. N: “Good morning Holy Ghost”

HG:”Morning darling. Did you sleep well?”

Dr. N: “I did. 943 more words

Doctor- Patient Relationship

Did Your Doc Get it Right?

Misdiagnoses are more common than you think—here’s how to make sure you’re receiving the right care from your physician. Read the full article on Shape.com.


Transparency Matters - by Robert Nelson, MD


In our healthcare system today, the vast majority of what a doctor receives in payments comes from a third-party; your insurance company.  Payments made directly to the doctor out of someone’s pocket account for only about 10% of revenue. 936 more words

Tilted Bias

For those of us with an Environmental Illness, any relationship with the medical community is complicated, fraught even.  We have to deal with doctors frequently because we have frequent medical needs, usually needs that require help from diverse specialists.   1,137 more words