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Doctor Who Series Eight Review

“A tale of two series.”

            No matter how many times the Doctor regenerates, there will always be questions of whether the new actor will be able to fill the shoes of the previous actor. 872 more words


Doctor Who Series 8 Two-Part Finale Review

Doctor Who gets zombified.”

            It’s hard to believe that Series 8 is over. I had high expectations going in, and Series 8 mostly delivered. I’ll save me Series 8 review for next week. 764 more words


Review: 'Death in Heaven'

Warning: Contains a whole lot of spoilers.

Let me save you some time. If you wanted a precis of ‘Death in Heaven’, you could do worse than look at Steven Moffat’s To-do list. 1,888 more words

Doctor Who

Review: 'Dark Water'

WARNING: Spoilers below.

Well, congratulations, Steven. You did it. For a change, you’ve surprised me. Not by producing a belter of an episode, something I thought was no longer within your abilities as showrunner. 2,498 more words

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