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Hey guys! I know it has been a while since my last review, but I had midterms to deal with, and as any college student knows, that time of year can get pretty hectic. 1,068 more words


Dr. Who:Episode 9 "Flatline" Review

Doctor Who: “Flatline” Review
Written by: Native Gamer

Flatline was the 9th episode of the 8th season since the revival of the internationally loved show ‘Doctor Who’ and this episode continues to carry the legacy of the show forward with a very creepy and atmospheric episode. 643 more words


Doctor Who: The Caretaker (2014)

The Russell T. Davies era of Doctor Who was largely characterized by merging the sci-fi tropes of the classic show with a more modern soap opera… 1,036 more words

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8.9 - "Flatline"

Not for the first time, The Doctor lands the TARDIS in the wrong place but, on this occasion, he has more than an irritated Clara to contend with. 1,121 more words

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Review: 'Flatline'

In many ways, it’s a pain in the arse when Doctor Who is good. It makes it harder to write about it. I seem to do all my best work when I’m criticising an episode for lacklustre pacing, inconsistent or non-existent characterisation or lousy dialogue. 1,399 more words

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Doctor Who XXXIV(8).9: Flatline

An accomplished piece of television, which managed to be genuinely disturbing, pick up on the idea of two-dimensional beings which I think was discussed back in the planning stages in 1963, and advance the character arcs. 625 more words

2.7 - "The Idiot's Lantern"

The TARDIS misses its intended destination (an Elvis appearance in New York) and instead lands in London in 1953. A local shopkeeper, Mr Magpie, is selling televisions remarkably cheap and, as a result, most of the families in the area have a set in readiness for the Queen’s Coronation. 1,281 more words

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