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Thankful Tuesday

  1. Tuesday is my Friday!
  2. freshly painted toe nails
  3. tomorrow is not a squat day (because my legs are killing me today)
  4. my foam roller, even though it feels like torture on days like today…
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Not your Grandma's Easter Egg Hunt

Amanda adopted Clarissa and I for Easter holiday this year. Time for a mature, tame couple of days, right? Wrong!

Release the hounds! And let the egg hunt begin! 193 more words



Doctor Who-inspired acrylic painting on canvas.


Doctor Shoes

Do you remember that time when I tatted the Doctor’s TARDIS? Well, that was almost two years ago (how time flies!!), and my fetish with all things Doctor Who has only grown and matured since then. 209 more words

Escapism vs. Activism, OR: "It's Just TV!"

“The Klingons are the Dothraki of Star Trek — the scary, warmongering Other from the Heart of Darkness out in deep space. The great thing about imaginary black and brown people is that white sci-fi/ fantasy writers can project their repressed oriental fetishes onto a blank canvas without taking responsibility – “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S RACIST, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS KLINGONS OR DOTHRAKI! 1,207 more words


What The Church Can Learn From Doctor Who and Whovians

I want to point out that when I am talking about mainline churches, I am of course talking in general terms. I cannot speak for every single mainline church, there are probably plenty that are growing and thriving,  so needless to say this is based on my experiences and personal context. 1,440 more words