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This is a pocketwatch.

Yes, it is, in fact, a small watch worn in a pocket that should never be opened and checked unless you wish to unleash the soul of the time lord trapped inside it.

The Weird, Wonderful World of Twin Peaks

In honor of this week’s release on Blue-ray, I thought I’d take a moment to gush a bit about the unique phenomena of Twin Peaks. 807 more words


Doctor Who - "The Harvest"

On the morning of October 12th, 2021 Hex woke up. He was expecting to go to work at St Gart’s in London as normal and, that evening, have a great time in the bar of the White Rabbit, celebrating his 23rd birthday. 2,770 more words

Doctor Who

The Wonderful and Disastrous Art of Fan Pandering

I’m talking about fan service again—not so much the “oh look, boobs!” fan service but pandering to fans on a textual level. Which is an odd thing to say, since every piece of fiction is written for an audience, and showrunners of ongoing series are smart to listen and react to that audience, as it can let them know what the fans are enjoying and finding problems with. 1,526 more words

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DOCTOR WHO Series 8 Debut Episode, "Deep Breath," to Show in Theaters

We’re just weeks away from the series 8 premiere of Doctor Who, and our first full look at Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, which will make its grand debut on August 23rd on screens both small and large!   161 more words

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New Photos from the New Series

On Saturday, 23 August, the new series begins with a feature-length episode called Deep Breath. We’ve had glimpses of the adventure in teasers and trailers but here are new photos that give us a further hint at what’s ahead… 157 more words

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Hey guys! How’re ya doing?

I changed the blog’s theme! That’s almost about it.

I also went to a whovians Reunion in Starbucks (it was loads fun) and I’m currently enjoying the end of my winter break.

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