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August 17 (Dalek Day 229/365)

The Daleks were just in a mischievous mood today. However they didn’t get the reaction they were expecting from the flashlight after they removed its batteries. 29 more words


It's Doctor Who Day!!

Hello there! Since the new season of Doctor Who airs in the UK in about an hour, I thought I’d better take this time now to write a blog post about… what else? 529 more words

My day

Hi guys or whoever is reading this today has been a great day i have even out down to the sea front with my family spending all my money on wonka sweets (nerds and everlasting gobstoppers) but they taste so good I couldn’t resist. 62 more words

Classic Item - Doctor Who Ace Patch

This past Wednesday was the birthday of both Sylvester McCoy, who played the Seventh Doctor, AND Sophie Aldred, who played his companion, Ace. So, it seems fitting to spotlight this smaller version of Ace’s name patch.

Click here to buy one!

Character Profile, Special Edition: Doctor Who's Donna Noble

This Special Edition Character Profile is courtesy of Legion supporter Emily Ronkar, who is very excited that the new season of Doctor Who premieres today! 643 more words

Legion Of Leia

August 16 (Dalek Day 228/365)

It’s always makes a nice change to learn something from the Daleks for a change.

“Throughout our travels, we have noticed the same thing time and time again,” one of them told me.   29 more words


Out they come, the brainy specs!

Until recently, I had only owned two different pairs of glasses in my life, and I didn’t particularly like either of them. Contacts were my preferred method of being able to see, and my glasses existed pretty much to get me from the bathroom to the bedroom at night without running into anything. 118 more words

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