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CapaldiCast 1.4: Listen

“Fear is like a companion. A constant companion, always there.”

And some may think Clara Oswald is always there, in shot.

But not Jim and his mystery new podcast companion. 61 more words

Doctor Who

Nerdy Moments in the Classroom

Which is more adorable:

(a) Teaching a room full of 5th graders to say “Allons-y!” or

(b) Overhearing this:
Student 1: What does that mean? 25 more words


Hope and Passion

When I left you last I had just made a promise to write more passionately, or rather, to write about things which I am passionate about in the hope that it would lead to writing more passionately. 993 more words

Doctor Who

My room

“My crib is tight, tighter than my budget when I go shopping”

A hipster’s paradise nerd’s sanctuary

The Beatles

Robot of Sherwood

Hey-ho, faithful viewer! Thank you so much for joining me today, because I’ve been looking forward to talking about this episode since I found out about its existence. 747 more words


Time Heist Promo Pics

And for whatever reason, I cannot sleep tonight, so this’ll be post number four for me. Sorry for my torrential posting. I promise this is the last. 48 more words

Doctor Who