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Random thoughts for August 21st

It’s time for another round of randomly selected thoughts from my mind… you’ve been warned.

The old saying is that ‘no news is good news’ so does that mean we should all stop watching or reading any news? 167 more words

Random Thoughts

8/21/2014 conversation between ArthouseConverter and Ecoolarg



    Does Kamen Rider Blade king form count as a ridiculously overpowered form?



Arthouse Converter


He didn’t have an Ace form?





nah, just a blue form… 1,258 more words


The Oldest Newest Doctor

As we approach the debut – at least in a complete story – of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, the Who-o-sphere is abuzz with the same frenzied commentary and speculation that has always accompanied the handing over of the role. 664 more words

Doctor Who

Trust Me, I'm the Dogtor

Well geez. What was that I planned on doing, keeping this blog updated regularly? Well there goes that goal.

Take two. My birthday was just a couple days ago, it’s like a whole new year now which means it’s the perfect time to try and start dedicating myself to this blog again. 160 more words


Time and Today

My older sister used to keep a countdown of days for upcoming events. My parents had installed a chalkboard in our hallway for us children to entertain ourselves and this is where my sister would write the countdowns. 459 more words

"Doctor Who, The Eleventh Hour" review

*I’m in no way a professional critic nor have I had any training in literature, show writing or methods of writing/analyzing scripts whatsoever. These are just my personal impressions of the episode. 357 more words

Ranking modern Doctor Who: part two (we've moved to "acceptable!")

55) Victory of the Daleks

I’ve never understood the hate for this story. Did the Dalek redesign really bother people that much? Enough to hate an episode with perfectly acceptable execution and a great bond between The Doctor and Winston Churchill? 1,046 more words