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Doctor Who series 8: Big moments when the TARDIS (and companions) got small

Much of last Saturday night’s episode of Doctor Who – the thoroughly enjoyable Flatline – saw Clara carrying a miniaturised TARDIS round a Bristol housing estate. 575 more words


God is in the detail (part xx)

This week we’re looking at ‘Flatline’, an episode high on visual content and rife with clues pointing to VERY IMPORTANT THINGS THAT WILL HAVE SIGNIFICANCE LATER ON. 887 more words

Doctor Who

We've fucking time-travelled, yes?

The subtitle of this blog used to be writer / editor / Whovian, and while I’m still a Whovian, at the moment the “human disaster” aspect of me is coming off pretty strong. 361 more words

DW: Ghost Light

Okay guys, we are near the end…

i don’t know a what i think about it for now. For first it plays in a different time, but i am a bit annoyed be how everyone is treating Ace.  128 more words

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My Top Ten Doctor Who Themes PART I

A lot of shows have great theme songs, but Doctor Who has one of the best in my opinion. There have been many versions of the Doctor Who theme because of the wonders of technology and talented composers. 752 more words

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Through the Wormhole.

Brace yourselves, for I’m about to share something that may shock those of you who know me outside of this medium we call the internet.  There was once a time…  668 more words