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CNET: “Doctor Who” has featured some of the most beloved, terrifying, and hilarious characters in science fiction history. Whether it’s the horrifying Weeping Angel statues that creep closer if you blink, or the endearing moment when robot dog companion K-9 first utters the words “Affirmative, Master,” every fan has a moment that holds special sentimental value. 159 more words

D is for 'The Doctor'

So, if anyone here is thinking I am referring to the medical specialist, you would be so very disappointed.

I am of course referring the Steven Moffat produced Sci-fi series, … 480 more words

Local community group supports Children's Hospice (Press Release)

If you have seen strange people dressed as pirates and monsters from Doctor Who wandering the streets of Barking and other parts of Essex, you will be pleased to know that their efforts have finally paid off! 181 more words


Questions from readers: Best doc?

I stand by that first panel: Season 5 is the best season of NuWho overall, but Ten is the better version of The Doctor. I don’t know if that’s a controversial position or not.

More Who stuff tomorrow.

2013-2014 School Year

Ramblings of A Starving Woman

I took my meds wrong yesterday and my stomach is reacting today :( I’m so hungry but I’m afraid I’ll just end up throwing up. I’m also incredibly exhausted and my head hurts. 517 more words