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Doctor Who series 8: Frank Cottrell Boyce and other screenwriters who worked on the series

This week’s Doctor Who episode, the rather brilliant In The Forest Of The Night, is from the man who wrote the opening ceremony for the amazing 2012 Olympics, 502 more words


Tragic news for Doctor Who fans...

Poor bloke. All that adventuring in Time and Space, and he ends up getting ebola. Hopefully the bowling cheered him up a bit, though.

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Doctor Who: Flatline Review

For the first time in series 8 I wish there were still two part episodes. Flatline has some interesting ideas, but due to a time limit of a little over 40 minutes there just isn’t enough room for anything to properly develop, and in the end I was left with an empty feeling. 1,160 more words


An Unearthly Podcast: Kill the Moon

The first episode this season written by a Who newbie and Courtney’s first journey on the TARDIS. What does it mean for the moon? 34 more words

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DOCTOR BRANIUS A quick tour of my BRAIN

I have decided to continue work on an animated project that i started over a year ago that was kinda waiting to be born.

I am not an animator, i can draw a bit but i didn’t want to be bogged down with drawing a lot of frames of animation etc so i came up with a happy medium where i could create stories quickly told in my own weird way! 61 more words



Just a few awesome nerd shirts that are being sold that you should be aware of.

Your closet says thank you.

Your wallet says screw you. 25 more words

AMC Networks To Operate BBC America After $200M Investment

Doctor Who has fought Daleks, Silurians and Cybermen. Now he’s going to be teaming up with flesh-eating zombies in hopes of conquering Madison Avenue and merging cable behemoths. 623 more words