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August 28th: Leaving Ireland

First off, let me sincerely apologize for being so late in picking this back up. After I got home it was hard to adjust to American life and school again.   1,661 more words

Europe Trip

More Christmas Cheer . . . or Something . . . Peter Capaldi's Oscar-winning film

I haven’t seen this yet, but I’m definitely planning on it over the holidays.  Peter Capaldi is the first Doctor to have actually won an Oscar (though of course John Hurt’s been nominated twice and won numerous other awards in a long and illustrious career), though it wasn’t for acting — in 1994, he wrote, directed, and produced a short called “Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life” (as opposed to Frank Capra’s version), starring Richard E Grant.   89 more words

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The Christmas Specials

Well, it’s Christmas time, and one of the traditions of Doctor Who, ever since the end of series 1, is to have a special episode that is aired on Christmas day. 1,128 more words

Doctor Who

Tom's Top Ten Villains. #6 - The Daleks

Name – Daleks

Aliases – N/A

Features in – Doctor Who

Hello World Hoppers. Sorry for the delay, I have had so little time to write in recent months. 767 more words



Mel replaced by Ace!
Attitude and Nitro-9 -
things are looking good…

Doctor Who

There Were Several Heartbreaking 'Doctor Who' Easter Eggs Hidden In 'Gracepoint'

David Tennant has done a lot of work since his initial exit from Doctor Who, but despite the volume of that work and its occasional brilliance ( 284 more words


on: why stars shine brightly

// The stars are brilliant. I know I am not the only one to notice this nuance of human infatuation.

/ As humankind has continued to discover the mysteries of the universe and explore via telescope the far reaches of the galaxy, it seems that there is infinite fascination with the possibilities of the worlds we have yet to reach. 760 more words