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CNET: “Doctor Who” has featured some of the most beloved, terrifying, and hilarious characters in science fiction history. Whether it’s the horrifying Weeping Angel statues that creep closer if you blink, or the endearing moment when robot dog companion K-9 first utters the words “Affirmative, Master,” every fan has a moment that holds special sentimental value. 159 more words

Tips när man har tråkigt!

Här kommer tre snabba man kan göra för att muntra upp stämningen något:

1. Gå till Mc Donald’s och beställa en cheese burgare utan ost… 61 more words

Arnold turns 68 days old

Today Arnold had his second jab. I tried distracting him but still he cried when Dr Ong jabbed him. My brave little boy cried for mere five seconds and started to soothed himself. 37 more words


Mad Mike: Part Five (Final)

“I don’t want to go down there, Barney.” Maria grabs my hand, ready to run back to the entrance, but the screams from the cells filled with murderers and rapists stop her.  1,709 more words


the start.

It’s 6:24 PM. It’s February. A 6-8 mile run is on the schedule. I’ve just gotten home from work about 30 minutes prior and I’m leaning against the counter in my kitchen. 513 more words



Tonight, my husband attends his first AA meeting.

How did this happen? I am still reeling. My husband is an alcoholic.

He lied about it, hid it. 110 more words

While I was in the hospital recovering from major surgery and the subsequent diagnosis of ovarian and endometrial cancer, several of the nurses caring for me were very kind and caring.

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