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Settling into Moscow

Since I’ve arrived in Moscow, I’ve been busy with so many things! International Orientation started on Thursday after I arrived and it was pretty intense – we were lectured on all the underage drinking laws and when we can and can’t smoke Marijuana (the border to Washington State is about 5 minutes walk from my house, and recreational use is legal there, but not in Idaho). 801 more words

Study Abroad

Road to PhD - My Self-Doubt

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Nothing I planned seems to work out. My plan to quit working has been backfired (again). Without any saving left, I can’t allow myself to just quit. 537 more words


The last steps toward finishing an Ed.D.

It has been a long ride. My journey started the day I said I wanted to become a doctor in my field. That day I became resolute on this goal. 126 more words


Mendadak doktoral

Tiga tahun lalu, aku menulis “Mengapa aku tidak lanjut studi doktoral“. Di sana, aku menulis tentang kebosananku karena aku menghabiskan 12,5 tahun hidupku dalam lingkungan pendidikan, baik sebagai pelajar maupun pengajar. 1,584 more words



As it turns out, I did get closure on May 3, 2013. And with that closure so much more has happened and is continuing to happen…It’s been well over a year since my fingers found a way to this site. 290 more words


Stumped on How to Pick a Doctoral Topic? Follow These 3 Steps!

Convert the element of confusion into clarity by following this easy 3 step process.

Step 1: Degree Program

The approach you use for the topic will depend upon the degree program you are in.  461 more words

Dissertation / Study / Thesis