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When life pops your balloon, make sure you have more to inflate and carry on.

Ok, so it has been a couple of days that I have posted some thoughts, and yesterday, I was given multiple opportunities to share them, so here it goes. 497 more words

Service Dogs

12th Week PhD: Stories and Shalom

This week in the Advanced Worldview course, we were asked to discuss two questions:  “Why is the concept of narrative important to a Christian worldview?” and “What are practical ways we can communicate hope in our professional environment?” 215 more words


Coursework, Part VII

Heard from both instructors. For DA I, the instructor verified the text. For Theories, the instructor verified the volume of reading and writing.

The DA class worries me. 308 more words


Why Am I Pursuing a PhD in Leadership?

Why am I pursuing a doctoral degree?

Why indeed.

I feel terribly unqualified. I am a young woman who has never seen herself as an intellect, a scholar, or a theologian. 436 more words


Life...sometimes it gets in the way, sometimes it shows you the way...

Good morning, and thank you all for either viewing or actually reading these thoughts of mine.

The Doctoral Journey can either be an exciting time, or an excruciating exercise in frustrating ups and downs.   235 more words

Back to work

OK, summer if over and it’s time to go back to work (school?). Not that summer ever really happened. One of my instructors for fall (fortunately) sent her syllabus out the middle of June so we could get a head start. 142 more words


Eleventh Week PhD: Advanced Study and Research

Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers! This is my eleventh week in the PhD program and my respite is over. This semester will be long, but in the end it will be worth the many hours of discussion, reading, writing, and researching. 621 more words