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Everyone has it

I had the idea for this short piece while sitting in a doctor’s office for yet another case of poison ivy.

(Short Story)

He walked into the doctor’s office concealing his wounds with a sweatshirt despite the heat of the day. 304 more words


A Friday Afternoon b Dennis Lange

A Friday Afternoon

A Friday afternoon – I need
My shot for allergies,
A weekly thing like Saturdays,
Or else, I wheeze and sneeze.

The doctor’s office, thirty chairs – 75 more words



I’m sitting patiently on this awkward table, which always makes my lower back ache.

I thought I would focus on something positive while I wait in anticipation to meet my new Doctor. 52 more words


Doctor Check Up

     So it’s been two and a half weeks since my surgery which meant I had to go for a check up yesterday. Before I even get into what happened, I have to say I LOVE my doctor. 449 more words

If Every Doctor's Visit Was Like This Then You Might Actually Go

She plays it cool for as long as she can like young teens do but in the end he gets her. And for those that don’t know, CASH stands for Corps Area Support Hospital.

image – Laura Smith

Stirrup Socks

I always have a pair of socks in my purse for my RE office visits. The stirrup feet thingys aren’t covered with anything at my office, so you put your feet directly on ice cold metal. 60 more words


Wrong Limb

Have you visited a doctor’s office and a young nurse marked the wrong limb for surgery? Should you be calm about this when you only have two limbs and one is worse than the other? 51 more words