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79 Russian Roach Ballet

Yesterday morning I had a doctor’s appointment, and when I walked into the office¬†there were two women standing right inside of the doorway. I said, “excuse me.” They whipped around and looked at me with horror in their eyes. 198 more words

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Have a little Looksie

Blech. I have been in quite a mood all week. Depressed, sad, lonely. And what snapped me out of it today? A woman in a worse mood. 642 more words


"I am AstraZeneca's whore"

My psychiatrist told me this on my second visit. He gives speeches at the drug company’s seminars and gets paid to prescribe their drugs. This is not uncommon for doctors, but how does it make a patient feel when they are basically told that their treatment may be tailored around his doctor’s paycheck? 629 more words


"What sort of delivery did you have? Forceps? Vacuum?"

“What sort of delivery did you have? Forceps? Vacuum?”

This question was asked by an OB.

When the patient replied, “A water birth with a midwife”, the doctor’s response was “Midwives…”, rolling his eyes.

Doctor's Office

Prenatal Visits

Well, I’m basically 36 1/2 weeks… I had a check-up appointment yesterday morning, and everything looked good. Little Lucy is in the head down position; ready to go whenever she feels up to leaving. 29 more words


Share Your Bench

  My hairdresser told me about her three year old granddaughter who liked to get really close to whoever she was talking to and stare right in their face. 281 more words

The Importance of a Caring Doctor

So it is Monday and instead of going to work first thing in the morning, I went to the doctor’s office yet again. Why? Well, because I’m a spoonie and the doctor’s office is like a second home especially when I am trying to overcome a fibro flare. 537 more words

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