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He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her. The door lock clunked as it slid back into the doorframe, and he looked away to the faded floral-patterned wallpaper covering the walls. 400 more words

Longform Writing

Monday Morning, 10AM

Today has been the Monday of all Mondays. And it’s only 10AM.

I’m not even going to waste any more energy writing an introduction. I’m just going to jump right in. 937 more words

Pa. Woman Fired From Job Because She Has Cancer

After having a stomach ache for a few days, Carol Jumper went to the doctor to figure out the cause of the pain.  Upon leaving, she was diagnosed with cancer affecting her pancreas, liver and ovaries. 306 more words


"You didn't need to shave for me."

“You didn’t need to shave for me.”

Male OB to patient while doing a pelvic exam, referring to her trimmed pubes, making the patient feel uncomfortable.

Doctor's Office

"Don't scream like that, the other patients can hear you!"

“Don’t scream like that, the other patients can hear you!”

Angrily hissed by an female OB/Gyn, referring to the adjoined waiting room. The patient was a teenager who had consulted the doctor with a painful vulvar abscess. 32 more words

Doctor's Office

The Waiting Room

Have you ever been to see the doctor?  When you are young, or if you work for a company that gives incentives for healthy living, then you have been for an annual check up or physical.   926 more words

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