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Waiting room

Quick watercolor sketch in the doctor’s office.

Margaret On The Spot

Picture-A-Week August 1 - Color

Waiting for the doc. Noticed some color in an otherwise drab room. Photographed it.


Awesome Daily #117: When your visit to the doctor doesn't take long

I hate going to the doctor. It’s unfair, because in the end, he or she will play a big role in your recovery from whatever it is that ails you, but nevertheless, I hate going there. 103 more words

Awesome Daily

More Mid Century Medical

The previous Mid-Century Medical post was about the little building that Is.  It is not a big bold building with a prominent location.  It is not a building that will likely ever have a plaque in front that reads “On this spot…”.  899 more words

Historic Preservation

At the Optometrist.

So, yesterday I had to go to the optometrist.
Yearly checkup. Nothing too serious.
I hate that you have to get your eyes checked every year, because glasses are not cheap and no matter how many times you tell them to keep your eye prescription the same, they change it anyways. 445 more words


Stepping out of my Comfort Zone Week 6 & 7 Transformation

Received a call from the doctor’s office this week with results from my A1C blood work. I test every 3 months to see how my Blood Sugar levels are doing. 350 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Mid-Century Medical

In Jackson just south of the Veterans Memorial Stadium is a group of buildings dubbed University Plaza that were developed c.1954 when University of Mississippi opened its medical school on the other side of North State Street.  515 more words

Historic Preservation