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My office isn’t usually this cluttered. But I’m in a particularly busy writing time, so my desk, which is actually an Ikea dining table with a set of roller drawers next to it, is a little manic. 541 more words

Doctor's Office

Learn how to cope with your stress and prevent headaches.

75% of general doctor visits are for stress-related problems! That’s because stress can worsen symptoms of other conditions, and cause problems like headaches. So, we’ve gotta learn to cope with our stress. 36 more words

Connie Sellecca

Everyone has it

I had the idea for this short piece while sitting in a doctor’s office for yet another case of poison ivy.

(Short Story)

He walked into the doctor’s office concealing his wounds with a sweatshirt despite the heat of the day. 304 more words


A Friday Afternoon by Dennis Lange

A Friday Afternoon

A Friday afternoon – I need
My shot for allergies,
A weekly thing like Saturdays,
Or else, I wheeze and sneeze.

The doctor’s office, thirty chairs – 75 more words



I’m sitting patiently on this awkward table, which always makes my lower back ache.

I thought I would focus on something positive while I wait in anticipation to meet my new Doctor. 52 more words


Doctor Check Up

     So it’s been two and a half weeks since my surgery which meant I had to go for a check up yesterday. Before I even get into what happened, I have to say I LOVE my doctor. 449 more words