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day 325/november 21, 2014

You know you have the sweetest doctor when she goes to Wal-Mart at 6:30am before your surgery and buys an assorted pack of candy for you. 41 more words

"...you were too fat before you got pregnant for me to believe you belong anywhere but a hospital."

OB, “So you were overweight before you got pregnant, and you lost weight over the course of the pregnancy?”

Patient, “Yes, I was in a car accident last year and put on a lot of weight afterwards, and between morning sickness and eating healthier being pregnant, I’ve lost about 43 pounds.” 136 more words

Doctor's Office

"Obese women shouldn't even get pregnant..."

OB, “I don’t care what happened with your other deliveries, I’m not signing off on the birth center for this one. Obese women shouldn’t even get pregnant, let alone give birth outside a hospital”. 22 more words

Doctor's Office

Moved in!

Wow, what a weekend! Moving to a new place is always exciting, and it feels so nice to be in control of my environment. I’ve loaded up my apartment with natural cleaners, a decent amount of furniture, and I’m loving it! 395 more words

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Never Ending Blood Work

Friday morning I had yet another doctor’s appointment. This time it was to get a referral for a sleep study to check for sleep apnea. I know I’ve snored for a long time but my hubby mentioned that at times it almost seems as though I’ve stopped breathing.  440 more words