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What hurts so bad?

I had my last visit with Doctor 9 and my last visit with any conventional doctor a few days ago. When I tried to explained to Doctor 9 about the crusting in my ear, the pain, and in balance I was met with the response “hmm, hmm.” Nothing else just that response. 499 more words

Glomus Tumor/Paraganglioma

Is 'knee-jerk' a diagnosis or a job title?

So my torn meniscus and I took a trip to the mall a few days ago. I got my toes and even my fingernails done (OPI Big Apple Red…thank you very much), drank a fancy coffee and then an even fancier Jamba juice (add antioxidants, please), and bought some cool stuff at Sephora (the girl’s version of Home Depot). 580 more words


This woman in 1883 had the best answer to the question of why a girl would want to be a doctor

Why would an Indian woman go so far away for medical school?

Because it was the best way to serve her country.

That was the gist of the answer given by Anandibai Joshi—in 1883. 904 more words

The arc of the medical universe is long, but it bends toward understanding (with apologies to MLK).


Transforming the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.

Director’s Blog: Mapping the Risk Architecture of Mental Disorders

By Thomas Insel on July 22, 2014

It’s difficult to overstate the impact that genomic medicine is having on biomedical research and practice. 957 more words


Fridays and Farewells

There’s no sweeter feeling in the world than the last day of the week. That’s the thought that crept into my mind last Friday as I was imagining the nonsensical foolery I would be participating on my work-free Saturday and Sunday. 1,264 more words

Medical School

Pneumonia & The Hospital

Things can change at the drop of a hat.

This past weekend, Mom developed a wet cough that wouldn’t seem to go away. Fortunately, Dad had this week off from work already as his “summer vacation” (poor guy, some vacation it turned out to be!) so he took Mom to the doctor Tuesday morning. 318 more words