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Moffat Says Doctor Who No Longer A FairyTale

After three seasons of insisting that the Doctor Who story is a modern fairytale, this week, Moffat abruptly did an about face on the subject. Turns out we didn’t really want a bunch of magical handwaving and “the power of love saves the world.” Whodathunk it? 524 more words


BBC Apologizes For Doctor Who Leaks

There were several rumors about how the five scripts and full episode of next season’s Doctor Who leaked. Turns out it wasn’t malicious. Just not very smart. 347 more words


Nicholas Briggs 'Voice of the Cybermen' Interview

Nicholas Briggs has been the ‘Voice of the Cybermen’ since their return in 2006 and so who better to read Cybermen: Status Update, the new adventure that you’ll find in… 859 more words
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Turtle Tied to a Balloon

Hello Internet World!

I hardly expect anyone to actually find or read this, but as it is summer, I needed a project. Welcome to Project: Unprofessional Blogger. 809 more words


Episode 23


We continue with our lead-up to Doctor Who Series 8 with our review of David Tennant’s run


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