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Doctor Who RPG: The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook

Having survived an attempt on his life from his own future self, it is the Rani who forces the Doctor to regenerate once more, into an incarnation that is every bit as sharp, cunning and eccentric as his predecessors. 52 more words

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The Capaldi Effect

During the recent series of Doctor Who, I noticed a new Whovian phenomenon. It was, as I like to call it, the Capaldi Effect.

I witness it happening among the Anti-Moffateers. 424 more words

Laziness and Lashes (February 28th-March 9th 1985)

At this point in time I’m about three and a half months old and Colin Baker’s adventures are still continuing. I’ve recently got some Touch Of Frost and Cracker on order so when the 90’s roll around I should be able to add some diversity into the science fiction heavy season. 859 more words


Glimpse into time

But a glimpse into his world
like a moth to flame
he drew me in
the man I call time lord


This should make the Politically Correct happy:

Doctor Who has been nominated for a GLAAD award – for an episode which featured the show’s first lesbian kiss. 285 more words

LFCC - A Beginner's Guide

Six months have passed since the last London Film and Comic Con, which means that we’re now six months before the next one. I’ve been doing these events a few years now, and thought I’d share what I know about the weekend to help newcomers enjoy themselves with a little less stress. 4,107 more words