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Title of the First Episode of Series 9 Revealed!

Press screenings for Last Christmas have begun, and word has now filtered out regarding the title of the first episode….which will be called….

The Magician’s Apprentince. 45 more words

Who News

Contest finalist! Vote pandering has begun!

Dear Weirdo Scouts (that it what I have decided to call you, my faithful fans, followers and patrons– perhaps there should be a badge and a salute to go with this…), 147 more words


Gaiman Capaldi

Ever since his debut with The Doctor’s Wife back in 2011, each new series of Doctor Who has been preceded by the question of whether sci-fi and fantasy writer Neil Gaiman will be writing an episode. 377 more words

Extra dimensions, string theory and the TARDIS!

Imagine if I told you that your notion of reality is flawed. Imagine if I told you that instead of being three dimensional beings, you are just an imprint of a four dimensional snake like object in a three dimensional world. 638 more words


The Colonel Returns in 2015

Nicholas Courtney’s Birthday recently passed.


Yes, you read that headline right! Forget CyberBrig, the legendary Lethbridge-Stewart is back in a new series of novels set after The Web of Fear, written by authors Andy Frankham-Allen, Lance Parkin, David A McIntee and Nick Walters. 960 more words

New Chokers -- Small TARDIS, Weeping Angel, and Plague Doctor

The sad thing about these new chokers is that I have only 2 of each of them. The cool thing is that they are ready to ship — order now (with Priority shipping) and you’ll have it for Christmas! 24 more words