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TV Titles In Other Languages

These great illustrations of the way TV show titles come out when translated into other languages (and then back to English) come to us via  72 more words


Doctor Who: "In the Forest of the Night" Trailer and Pictures

The TV teaser trailer is a single line of dialogue this week, but it;s such a fabulous Doctor-like line that it’s going above the fold. 183 more words


Rewriting Time in "The Day of the Doctor"

Doctor Who’s Fiftieth Anniversary has come and gone, but its repercussions have not, and for those of us who can’t seem to stop talking about it, there is always one theory or another, one question or another, to keep us entertained. 868 more words

Doctor Who

TV - Review - Doctor Who - S8E8 "Mummy on the Orient Express"

Here is another Doctor Who offering by the name of “Mummy on the Orient Express”. A little late again, I agree, but this one is another top shelf episode that needs a review. 203 more words

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Danny Pink May Not Be Back Next Season

We’re all waiting for the Christmas special to see if Clara retires from her companion position on Doctor Who. But what about Danny? He’s Clara’s biggest motivation to stop riding around on the TARDIS, and the assumption is whatever happens to Clara will directly affect his staying power. 351 more words


Against the grain

Over the past two years or so I have been toying with the idea of deleting my Facebook account. A couple of times I have unplugged from FB for a month or two and enjoyed those times immensely. 577 more words

Educational Who

The Doctor and the Dalek wants to help children learn programming skills. Image: BBC Photograph: BBC

UK Guardian: Doctor Who’s latest adventure sees him teaming up with a Dalek and trying to save the universe, but also teaching children some early computer programming skills. 984 more words