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Good Grief...

BBC receives complaints about unfair product placement after the Doctor’s assistant is shown clutching a copy of the paper.

Is the Guardian the newspaper of choice on… 890 more words

Soft Top Hard Doctor

Almost a year ago we were down in Loughborough visiting R’s brother and family. I managed to just about wreck a great day out by demanding we get back in time to switch the TV on for the big announcement; The new Doctor Who. 638 more words

Doctor Who Christmas Special Guest Stars Announced

Over the weekend, the BBC released more details of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special. No, they didn’t tell us if Jenna was leaving. We’ll have to tune in to find out. 333 more words


America, Land of the Doctor... Maybe?

So today’s blog is going to be a short one. I have spent three hours in the car travelling home from my grandma’s house today so I am really tired. 142 more words

Sience Fiction

TV - Review - Doctor Who - S8E5 "Time Heist"

It is time once again to go Timey Wimey with the Doctor and Clara in the fifth episode of the season ” Time Heist”. 254 more words


Doctor Who: Time Heist

This week, The Doctor and Clara team up with a pair of modified humans to rob the Bank of Karabroxos. Sent by “The Architect,” a mysterious hooded figure, to break into the most high security bank in the universe, this adventure started out as an Ocean Elevens style heist, complete with bad ass music to walk in slow motion to. 962 more words