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Gospel Light Or Gospel-lite?

Only a crook or a clown offers what he cannot deliver. So which one is God when freewill preachers tell us He desires everyone to be saved and freely, sincerely and genuinely offers salvation to all men and women? 653 more words

Biblical Truth

Finney goes Viral and We All Get Sick

My final paper for my seminary course ending this month (Theology in the Modern Era). Enjoy, comment, pass on with proper credit given.

Grace to y’all… 3,551 more words


Radical Obedience

If our only hope is to deny self and rely on Christ for our works we should also deny self and rely on Christ for our faith as well. 193 more words


Does Acts 13:48 support Calvinism? What is Luke's Intent?

Acts 13:48

Before unpacking this passage lets be reminded of a couple rules for proper hermeneutics (method of interpretation).

  • Didactic texts set doctrine and narratives help inform doctrine.
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Rightly Defining Calvinism; Restoring Biblical Consistency

I’m feeling frustrated by a fellow believer who opted to fuel the fire of dissension by persistently misrepresenting the reformed understanding of how one is saved in Christ. 902 more words