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How to save your posts in an easy way

While I write blog posts, I realize that potential danger that if WordPress.com were to cease existing, then all of my blog posts will be in jeopardy. 221 more words


NTTデータ、技術文書を対象にした機械翻訳サービス [ #cbajp ]




Performance Tips for Azure DocumentDB!!!!!!!!!!

Azure DocumentDB allows you to tune the performance of your database to best meet the needs of your application.DocumentDB’s indexing policy also allows you to specify which document paths to include or exclude from indexing by leveraging Indexing Paths (IndexingPolicy.IncludedPaths and IndexingPolicy.ExcludedPaths). 70 more words


Welcome to Roundabarrow Farm

Welcome to the Roundabarrow Farm Blog! In this blog we, a group of students, will be documenting every aspect of life on Roundabarrow Farm, which is situated in Cornwall, England. 53 more words


How Does a Power of Attorney Terminate?

A legal document is something that you use to satisfy your own personal objectives. As a result, you generally control the outcome when you create a legal document such as a power of attorney. 156 more words

32 Weeks

Baby Lisk is the size of a Florida pomelo (what is that??), so in other words, he’s about the size of a squash. :) He is probably sucking his thumb and sprouting some peach fuzz on his head (which is probably all he’ll have when he’s born because I think I have bald babies..and they’re adorable!!!) He’s also rotating into the birthing position, which ois hard to believe with all the somersaults he does, yet. 344 more words

Baby Lisk