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One Day 2014

Stories are powerful. Words are big and meaningful. When others entrust me with their stories, I often feel honored and closer to whoever is sharing with me. 454 more words

Le Papier

Paper is one thing that we can all obtain, it’s generally lying around creating clutter. As a material it is versatile and inexpensive, yet can be manipulated in multiple ways…written on, stuck to, rolled, scrunched, folded…the possibilities are endless!


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Divine Inspiration

Why Hire Me as Your Freelance Writer?

(When submitting bids for projects, there is an opportunity to submit a reason why your bid should be selected over the others submitted. This is what I typically post:) 250 more words

Acadamic Writing

Why are you Comparing yourself to the Managers?

I don’t like writing much about my workplace, mainly because there’s not much that I can say about it that could be considered interesting.

I’ve been with my company for a while now and whilst it would be hard to see it has having a positive reputation, I’ve enjoyed the positions I’ve held there. 1,277 more words



“It was not just a document that he sealed; it was the fate of his realm.”


Emperor Jarnark Elspar, ‘The Mad King’ of Tarkus


142_Castro marchburch

Last week the original document, in which Maribor castle was mentioned for the first time, has arrived from Vienna Archives to Maribor. The date on this piece of parchment with a large seal is October, 20th 1164, so it was signed and sealed exactly 850 years ago. 38 more words


Best Ever Document Translation Services

Famous for its some main features -
• Time Division
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