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You know this ISIS thing is just scary. To think that Congress is like: “Hey, Obama deal with this situation yourself, we are too busy having a vacation on top of a vacation on top of a vacation” is truly frustrating. 245 more words


Project Proposal Document.

Proposal Document:

One of the key deliverable for this module is a Proposal document which will outline the ideas and aims of my project. As my idea is now fully formed I have finalised the proposal document which will be submitted along with the final work. 833 more words


Photography |L2: Documentary, p 25 "What makes a document"

What makes a document? My response

  • José asks the question is it time or context which makes a document?   Peter Haveland , in his replies on the OCA blog post states, and I am sure he will correct me if I amwrong: “All documents mediate what they seek to document.” In the context of this discussion, does he imply that all photos are documents?
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Removing The Cap On U.S. Social Security

The Hawaii Senate Minority Research Office released a short research paper on the effects to Hawaiian residents if the social security cap is removed. There is much discussion among Hawaii residents on whether the cap on the Social Security payroll tax should be removed to bolster social security for the short-term. 65 more words


One Day 2014

Stories are powerful. Words are big and meaningful. When others entrust me with their stories, I often feel honored and closer to whoever is sharing with me. 454 more words

Le Papier

Paper is one thing that we can all obtain, it’s generally lying around creating clutter. As a material it is versatile and inexpensive, yet can be manipulated in multiple ways…written on, stuck to, rolled, scrunched, folded…the possibilities are endless!


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