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Not Sparkly, Never Sparkly

Baron H is back as a guest blogger today (if you missed his earlier installments, you can read them here and here).  As always, he has a particularly… long view of mortal affairs which is refreshing.   617 more words

Gentle Elitism

Through a Lens Darkly Offers Insight, but Little Art

Thomas Allen Harris’ Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People feels more like an element of an art exhibit more than a stand-alone film. 378 more words


Sound in Documentary

So documentaries are a completely new concept for me. I really enjoy watching documentaries myself, particularly the ones about nature and even more so when I get the opportunity to watch it in HD quality. 414 more words


Sounds in Documentaries

‘Conventions of Sound In Documentary’ by Jeffrey Ruoff is an interesting read for anyone instructed in sound, film and documentaries. After reading a few articles the notion that sound is vital to video footage was reaffirmed.  342 more words

Industrial Media

Extraordinary Places & Amazing Visions

One of the huge pleasures of film festivals is the ability to travel the world through cinema and to discover extraordinary places and ways of living. 105 more words


FoodInc - The Documentary Problem

I have mentioned a few times that I am a big fan of film, but that doesn’t always extend to documentaries. Why is this? Well I have an instinctive distrust of documentaries – I would not consider them a good source of information. 675 more words

Tea Break

Aging Through the Lens

Below is a list of documentaries that chronicle the highs and lows of aging with a good dose of humour, lots of creativity and bravado. (These brief descriptions were supplied by the filmmakers.) 193 more words