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Inside YouTube: Final Proposal

‘Inside YouTube’ is a short, 5-10 minutes, infotainment documentary which will be filmed in both the expository and observational style.  The documentary follows myself as I explore the process of being a vlogger on YouTube, the YouTube community, and the recent scandals in the YouTube community. 250 more words


The Redesign My Brain handout

Although people took the paper copy, there might be people who missed the lesson and getting their own, so here is the handout.

We’re meant to check it and people are meant to talk about this documentary at the end of this month, which means, this week or next week. 21 more words


Inside YouTube: Research and Development


In preparation for this documentary, I conducted research into my main contributor, the YouTube community, and allegations against YouTube vloggers.

When researching Aaron Wilson, my main contributor, I looked into his YouTube channel, and other social networking sites that he is active on. 748 more words


Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (2013)

Broadway legend Elaine Stritch credits her husband with saying that “Everyone has a bag of rocks.” Her bag of rocks is the subject of Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me… 649 more words


The First Step

The First Step…The debut short film from PJB Films follows a young man (Anyebe Godwin) as he tries to overcome a challenge personal to him. Filled with doubt, he battles with the most formidable enemy of all, the voice at the back of his head, as he tries to take his first step to success and accomplish his goal.

Narrated by rapper Fem Fel.