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Documentary Films

Alternative cancer and chronic dis-eases treatments. Part 1

Let’s talk about my #health and #wellness interests.

For over the last 6 years I’ve been interested in holistic (mind body spirit), alternative therapies based on the right nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, herbalism, medicinal plants, energy therapies, electroacupuncture, bioresonance therapies, zapping and working with frequencies for reversing and alleviating illness, and then – studying neuroplasticity through neuroscience, quantum medicine and epigenetic (above genome) approach to regaining health. 2,657 more words


Redefining education with "Schooling the World" free documentary.

Thought provoking, interesting documentary on understanding the falsely perceived “importance” of implementing Western educational system and its culture to other lands and traditions and its consequences. 506 more words


Now, here's a cause I can get behind... (NSFW)

I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist, but after seeing the documentary I Am Femen the other week, I’m a supporter of their cause.  Director Alain Margot started following the Ukranian women’s movement before they were well known outside of their homeland, capturing all kinds of crazy footage along the way.  227 more words


HUMAN the film that helps to connect the dots.

I came across this independent films a while ago. It’s packed with some interesting outside the box thinking information.
For people who like to connect the dots and who recognise current economic system we live in as parasitic paradigm that will lead to self destruction. 293 more words


3 movies that strongly impacted the way I see the world. The Zeitgeist Movement.

I’ve been in love with documentary films for a long time now. They hugely helped me to shape my reality and understand the world better from different, not commercial media spoon fed point of view. 1,407 more words


The Slave Trade

So again in my attempt to become more knowledgeable about various subjects I watched a part of documentary serious about the history of African Americans. The first episode was about the slave trade and I didn’t think it would be anything I haven’t already heard before. 112 more words