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TED Talks - Time for some Real Education.

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 Just realised today how big impact TED talks had on my early stage “wanna know it all” of brain development ;-) while I was growing up. 491 more words


Actualizing The Human Imagination - transcending limitations with awe inspiring Jason Silva.

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 Decided to go through last SHOTS OF AWE episodes today – a short film series of “trailers for the mind” that serve as… 467 more words



This documentary about the brilliant American film director, is an incentive to see some of his films again. Certainly Nashville, The player and Short cuts are worth revisiting, but I’ll pass on Prêt-à-Porter and Popeye. 251 more words


Encounters at the End of the World

The first thing that I noticed when I watched this documentary is my need for subtitles: not because he was indiscernible, but because I found his voice quite distracting.   492 more words

MTV reportedly working on a documentary exploring 'white racism'

A production company called Punched in the Head Productions recently posted a casting call for an MTV documentary about white racism.

The ad seeks white people… 145 more words


The secret trial 5

The secret trial 5 comes at the right time. After the attack on Ottawa on October 22, some think it is important to remember how easy it is for our government to erode our individual rights in the name of a so-called “War on terror”. 287 more words


Amazing movie "Origins" - watch for FREE online Exclusive Worldwide Premiere 13th - 22nd Nov!

Find out who is hijacking your health and how to reclaim it now! Watch trailer and be sold (well, I was ..) to watch the entire film for free screening until 22 nd November! 287 more words