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An Unexpected Teacher

This week I was given the opportunity to mentor a young documentary filmmaker from Afghanistan. Kubra Jafari is 23, and a student at the American University in Kabul… 867 more words



so idk abt any1 else, but i’m still seriously loving this show, i’m so glad that MTV is exploring the other end of the sex spectrum! 798 more words


series premiere of #VIRGINTERRITORY

i was particularly intrigued by this show simply b/c yeah i’m a virgin (by choice lol).. and don’t worry, i told every guy i’ve been in a relationship w/ even b4 the relationship started that i could easily die an old lady virgin and be fine w/ that so i don’t hide this from those that it would matter to. 3,140 more words


Favela on Blast

…directed by Diplo, as Wesley Pentz (USA) and Leandro HBL (Brazil)

“For 20 years, a subculture has emerged in Brazil under society’s radar.   171 more words


Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger


I’d like to start off by saying that this review may be extremely bias because of the fact that I am from Boston, where most of the movie takes place. 364 more words

Psychopath - Documentary Video

**A deeper, more common place understanding of psychopathy is fundamental if our society wants to surpass our current level of consciousness.  We must be fully conscious that these beings, with this innate psychopathy, are the ones in fact responsible for the mass murder, the never ending wars, the heartless financial enslavement and subjugation of the planet, and are to be found at the highest levels of government, business, and industry.  510 more words