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Armenian Genocide: historic illustrations

In memory of the 99th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. April 24!


"Iverson" Documentary Trailer

Remembered as one of the most controversial players to ever step onto the hardwood, Allen “The Answer” Iverson paved the way for a new generation of basketball players with his signature style of play, tenacity, and of course his trademark… 72 more words


anzac -- a documentary

As many of you will know, tomorrow is Anzac Day, an annual memorial day held in Australia and New Zealand on 25 April to remember victims of war. 118 more words


The Metric System as Predator

I have experience in change management and communications but I’m reading a book that helps explain why some people have such a strong, negative reactions when the subject of metric adoption comes up. 819 more words

Metric System

Full Documentary: The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard

he documentary TPB AFK:The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard is a film about internet culture – and inevitably about sharing information online. The nature of the problem in the documentary is the paradigm shift of the internet, where the possibility to share information is out of sync with the right to share information. 36 more words


"Grinding My Whole Life" HS87: WE THE PLUG Ep. 4

In this week’s episode of “HS87: We The Plug,” Hit-Boy takes us back and reveals where his passion for music comes from. Fueled by his mother’s undying support, a unique relationship with his father, and his HS87 crew, Hit-Boy will not be stopped. #HS87 #WeThePlug #HitBoy



This is one of my favourite images from ‘A DAY IN CATHAYS’. The image reminds me of Mary Ellen Mark’s work in the documentary ‘Streetwise’ 1984. 10 more words