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Banksy Inspired Street Art Movement In Iran

A while ago I stumbled upon pictures of social critical street art in Iran via Pinterest. See they were even from my hometown Tabriz! 305 more words


DINOSAUR 13: A Palaeontologist's View

Dr. Dave Hone, a palaeontologist from Queen Mary University of London, previews documentary DINOSAUR 13 ahead of today’s Discover Tuesdays screenings.

Back in the mid-1990s, I was a teenager planning my future at university to study zoology. 443 more words


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Check out Joe Cross‘s film Fat, sick and nearly deadIt is a fascinating documentary available from Netflix that follows Joe Cross, a fat, sick and nearly dead Australian business man, drive across America with a mission on his mind and a juicer in his boot. 222 more words

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Picturehouse to Release David Hockney Documentary

We’re very excited to announce that Picturehouse Entertainment, the distribution arm of Picturehouse Cinemas, will release Randall Wright’s new documentary on David Hockney – HOCKNEY – and will open it across the country on 28 November. 316 more words


Discover Tuesdays: DINOSAUR 13 2/9

Thomas Roberts, General Manager at Stratford-upon-Avon Picturehouse, previews today’s Discover Tuesday presentation of gripping documentary DINOSAUR 13

65 million years ago, the Tyrannosaurs ruled much of the planet. 325 more words