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Having been informed that we are to be chained to our studio spaces between the hours of 9 to 5 during the weekor else face the firing squad it is now impossible to continue my walking pieces even when the weather improves, so I will focus on my collage pieces and take the characters and cut up narratives into a performative arena. 137 more words


4th Collagraph

I inked up my 3rd collagraph plate for a second time for this print but mixed black with blues and yellow to create the different colours in the print. 62 more words


3rd Collagraph Attempt.

I love that you get a different print with each press. The tonal contrast in each effects the whole print. I really like the outcome of this 3rd attempt. 38 more words


2nd Collagraph Attempt

This is my second attempt at a collagraph. This was just a really simple plate just using the mount board and peeling layer back to get different tones. 52 more words


Anatomy of an AutoTeach Plugin

AutoTeach is powered by Django.  Django is a modern python web framework that renders through html templates.  In Django there are the concepts of “project” and “application”.   353 more words


day 17

Today was all about preparing the bathrooms for paint, and the main bathroom for a new floor. We’ve removed the vanity cabinet and will replace with a porcelain sink. 97 more words


day 16

Today I got to the house to see all the trim painted in at least one coat everywhere it goes. It’s looking so cute!

Mainly, the rest are progress photos: we have a lot of wall repairs in bedroom 3, and a new mudded ceiling in bathroom 2. 58 more words