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day 15

Kicking off week 3! Today I arrived at the house to see a bunch of floor prep going on. In the living and dining rooms, all nails and carpet remnants have been pulled up and gaps in older wood and the floor heater patch have been puttied in preparation for sanding. 272 more words


Person-centered paperwork leads to better communication between support team members

I have had the great pleasure over the last 8 years of being a legal guardian to a gentleman I used to work with at his day program. 387 more words


Starting the project

The theme that we were all given as a fine art group was ‘Outside/Inside’, from this starting point I began to consider various subjects that I could explore. 137 more words


Charcoal Experiment #1

In response to my project brief ‘Outside/Inside’ I decided to begin experimenting with different techniques of how I can show emotion in my work. At this point in time I am aiming towards looking into the psychological side of the meaning ‘Outside/Inside’ where I aim to express inner emotions onto a visual surface outside of my mind. 27 more words


First Collagraphs

First attempt at collagraphs came out ok


day 14

As we close in on the end of week 2, we have most of our exterior paint up! The only dark green primer still showing will go to red in the next few days. 245 more words