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27.11.2014 - wanted to carry on with my prints today

spent 4 hours in print room wanted to work the plates that I had futher taking off with scrim working different areas of the plate – you never get the same print working this way – using the heavy duty press machine to press and compact my papers and my plate to make sure that the ink sat nicely and ensuring enough of it was being transfered to the fabriano Tom Martin gave me, and so It did after doing a few – each one different, working with the loan of a good roller which had no dents in or bends or marks, got a really nice even blend to the plate, – then when I did one with the rest of the ink on the plate did another. 224 more words


27.11.2014 - changed my wall - like a new space

Just typed a good 200 words explaining what I did today in reagards to my wall but then for some reason it did not save so I really have not got the energy to repeat what was said . 418 more words


The Hunterian Museum

Being as my interests are oddities, wet specimens, taxidermy and all things weird and also because my project at the moment is based around body dysmorphia, decay and death I decided to take a trip to London to visit the Hunterian museum to see it all first hand. 269 more words


During this lecture we were looking into interdisciplinary research in art, science and technology… initially I was insanely confused being as technology nor science are my speciality though, the more we looked into it the more I became to understand. 108 more words

27.11.2014 - work done the auction - Fred Perry with a plate over his head - sorry dude !

No disrespect to the very famous tennis player Fred Perry – this is a re print – taken from a 1949 photo of the very famous British Tennis player, feel a bit cheeky covering him with a plate and a dog features – all in the name of art sorry Mr Perry – hope you don’t mind – and I hope that you see the funny side of it. 346 more words


Documentation; 26/11/2014

Work output has been slow recently; what with the exhibition looming, and the fact that field has taken over a lot of my time that isn’t already taken up by my job. 941 more words