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Documentation; 23/04/14

I visited Penarth again yesterday, scoured the beach for some more white stones, and then sat down and stared out at the sea for an hour or so. 677 more words


More naughty brain doodles

I began by cutting words,pictures and sentences from a found book and then drew into each to create a series of absurd, surreal and politically incorrect short stories. 13 more words


REFLECTION: SUBJECT: Time: An Investigation into Food Decay

 Looking back at my subject work, I have really worked out of my comfort zone and steered away from the work I would typically create. When thinking about time as a brief, I instantly thought about things changing over time. 583 more words


Umbrella Bug

Continuing my work with recycled materials and as a response to my surroundings, I have made an insect out of one of the many broken umbrellas that I collected during the rainy winter in Cardiff. 26 more words


Open Source for non-coders

What if I told you, you can be a part of open source community without writing a single line of code ?

Yes, The time has now come that the open source community has opened their doors to welcome non coders to contribute to their projects and be a part of the community. 207 more words