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Composer and Repoint

Over the years, Repoint has been a standard, must-have Documentum developer’s tool.  (It’s really unfortunate it has fallen out of active support and development.)  Anyway, here is a link to a step-by-step guide for getting Repoint to work inside of Composer: … 56 more words


Documentum – Leveraging an existing ECM System to Manage Records

In a post back in January, we described implementing a simple Records Management solution. Often times we have seen clients struggle with the large footprint of the Documentum Retention Policy Services (RPS), Records Manager (RM), and Physical Records Manager (PRM) products, and a limited budget to implement a records management solution. 945 more words


Documentum Monitoring - platform logs' centralization using Logfaces - Part 2

In a previous post, I presented the very big lines of a proposal for a simple but yet (hopefully) powerful centralization of logs on a Documentum platform I’ve been now using for more than one year. 2,694 more words


Stay Informed - Find All Documentum ESAs

You can find a list of all of the current year’s (and archived) EMC Security Advisories (ESAs) here:  https://support.emc.com/search/?text=docu45184.

You can also search the support knowledgebase for all ESAs, ETAs, Break-fixes, How Tos, and the security KB.  99 more words


ECM is a Relay Not A Marathon

Laurence Hart responded to a conversation with a few people on his blog about strategic direction as it relates to Documentum. I don’t typically respond to such critiques but in this case I make an exception. 686 more words

Content Management

Alfresco Webinar - Benefits of a Rolling Migration versus a Big Bang - October 21st

When moving to Alfresco, many clients struggle with the cost and effort associated with a “Big-Bang” migration from their Legacy ECM system. In a “Big-Bang” scenario, all the content must be migrated to the new system during a very risky and expensive cutover weekend.   201 more words


Documentum Object Model Diagramer

Have you ever had to diagram a Documentum object model for a client deliverable?  You know, the client wanted to see a hierarchical diagram depicting the relationships among the Documentum object types as well as all of the custom attributes.  135 more words