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Simple Uses of Captiva's Multi Module - Part 2

In this post I demonstrate a simple CaptureFlow script to split pages into documents when a Patch 3 separator sheet is encountered. Refer to the… 751 more words


Documentum - End of Service Life of PDF Annotation Services - OpenAnnotate as a Replacement

As an EMC/Documentum customer, yesterday we received a letter from EMC stating, “EMC has decided to discontinue support of PDF Annotation Services (PAS), effective April 30, 2016, so that EMC may concentrate its efforts on current technology.” As we have… 377 more words


Documentum and Alfresco Large Migrations - Thoughts on a Hybrid/Rolling Approach

One of the biggest challenges in rolling out new interfaces for ECM is migration from older/legacy systems.  We just started working with one financial services client that, in moving toward an Alfresco and… 909 more words


Simple Uses of Captiva's Multi Module - Part 1

In this post I demonstrate how to delete selected pages and documents from a Captiva batch using the Multi module and IA Value assignments. Refer to the… 445 more words


5 Paths to Lean Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Lean ECM is by no means a unique or revolutionary concept.  It is becoming, in my experience, the key to successful ECM deployment in large organizations.   918 more words

Documentum and HeartBleed SSL Bug

In case you haven’t heard, most EMC products are NOT susceptible to the HeartBleed SSL vulnerability.  See the explanation and list in this KB article: OpenSSL Heartbeat Vulnerability (Heartbleed) in EMC products, 114 more words