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Risk Retention Rules Approved, Will Increase Cost of CMBS Transactions

Six federal agencies voted this week to approve new risk retention rules that could foul up the finally recovered CMBS issuance pipeline, even though the new rules won’t be enacted until 2016. 754 more words

Change in the derivative markets since the financial meltdown

Six years on, this article examines the reforms in the derivative market introduced in the wake of the financial crisis and evaluates whether enough is done to protect the world economy from a similar event. 650 more words

Mortgage Discrimination

Our in house finance consultant, DeAnna Trask, was passing an article around the office about mortgage denial for women on maternity leave. Click here for the article.  396 more words

Manufactured Homes

Of Banks and Over Taxed Regulators

Banks, who needs them? A quick question and a quick answer: a thriving, prospering banking system is essential for a thriving, prospering modern economy. Banks bring together the resources of savers and the needs of borrowers, particularly borrowers who seek funds to establish or expand businesses or families and individuals who use occasional borrowing to smooth out their income (good banking principles penalize people who would borrow in order to live beyond their means, but more on that at another time). 710 more words


Delaying Foreclosure under the Dodd-Frank Act

Due to the great number of foreclosures that occurred as a result of the mortgage crisis, mortgage servicing errors became quite common and were often outstandingly bad. 214 more words


Institute of Risk Management launches revised International Diploma

The Institute of Risk Management has issued its revised International Diploma in Risk Management, the content of which is specifically designed to tackle complex real world risks. 532 more words


Dodd-Frank Act's Efforts to Promote Responsible Sourcing of Conflict Minerals Stumbles Forward

The latest development in the continuing saga of implementing the conflict mineral disclosure provisions established in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act ( 1,136 more words

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