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The Celestial Toymaker, "The Hall of Dolls"

Steven and Dodo move into a room with different sized and shaped chairs in adjoining rooms, deciding this was related to the riddle from earlier. The still mostly dematerialized Doctor tries to help, but is cut off again by the Toymaker. 542 more words

First Doctor

The Celestial Toymaker, "The Celestial Toyroom"

The Doctor was rendered invisible at the end of the last story, claiming to be effected by a powerful attack from inside the TARDIS. The scanner is non-responsive, and, against Steven and Dodo’s advice, the Doctor heads outside. 626 more words

First Doctor

Monkeying Around Part 5 of 6

Species become extinct all the time – pictured above is a famous bird, the Dodo. It is famous because it is one of the most relatively recent extinctions, although there have been many more in the last 100 years, but more so for the demonstration of how fast a group of animals (numbered in the millions) can vanish. 370 more words


Politik Kartun Dodo Karundeng

Seorang kartunis menyikapi persoalan Indonesia dengan cara berbeda. Lewat goresan spidol di atas kertas, dia menunjuk tanpa tedeng aling-aling, “Di sini lho salahnya.”

Oleh Silvia Galikano… 439 more words


The Ark, "The Bomb"

Back on the Ark, the Monoids are disintegrating into two factions: one led by #1 who wish to aggressively colonize Refusis II, the others led by #4 seeking a solution that doesn’t involve nuking all the humans.  454 more words

First Doctor