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My, my, hey, hey – (I wish) natural history was here to stay

By Jonas Waldenström

We all love our Darwin. The quiet little man who changed the way we perceive the world around us. A bearded gentleman who laid forth the simple, but elegant principles of evolution by means of natural selection. 693 more words

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The Man in the Mirror

Good Morning, It’s another wonderful day on my side of the Equator. It’s all bright and cool (not shiny, Goodness Gracious). As always, we have something interesting for you today and it’s a little dark (no surprise here). 1,329 more words


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April 4, 2014


I wanted to enjoy my first sight of Hobart. I imagined seeing it from the back of a taxi – I think my Mauritian lady disguise would hold up well enough – and hear the taxi driver point out the sights on the way to the city centre. 466 more words

Trend-scouting at Le Flacq market

Our first excursion in Mauritius brought us to Le Flacq market. It came highly recommended by our taxi driver – the usual source of valuable insights – and we read about it in an article on… 391 more words

Indian Ocean

Purple Swamphen

Purple Swamphen everybody! First i thought it was a dodo bird and i still do :D :P

Genesi di una giornata storta

A volte è il mondo esterno a proiettarci a pedate, vuoi in salita vuoi in discesa, sull’asse delle Y, mentre noi arranchiamo sull’asse delle X che è il nostro hoje em dia (il nostro “tutti i giorni”).

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To Be A Woman

DIY The Knave and The Dodo

The Knave— All of the main Knave costume parts were made with paper. She used posterboard for the front of the card. Notice that she drew the “bottom” part of the Jack of Hearts and made the top of the costume look like the other side of the card! 186 more words

Ideas For Costumes