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What Wine Goes with Wildebeest?

I was fortunate enough to go on a second safari this year, this time to the Serengeti in Tanzania to watch the great wildebeest migration. Many people have watched this amazing event on television where hoards of wildebeest clamor at water’s edge for hours pacing back and forth before deciding it’s ok to cross the river amidst gigantic snapping crocodiles. 1,464 more words

NEWS: rais Jakaya Kikwete apokea katiba iliyopendekezwa leo mjini dodoma

Mwenyekiti wa Bunge maalum la Katiba
Mhe.Samuel Sitta akikabidhi katiba
inayopendekezwa kwa Rais wa Jamhuri
ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt.Jakaya
Mrisho kikwete na Rais wa… 83 more words


Photo of the Week: Wine from Dodoma

A few weeks back, Mr. Mcharo had to go to to a meeting in Dodoma – capital city and wine region of Tanzania. This week after dinner, he finally opened the fancy thing and let me have a taste.


[Video] Tanzania Snapshots: Islam

Tanzania Snapshots is our educational video library, designed to provide cross-cultural perspectives for our partner churches.

Written By Arthur

One day in Dodoma

Arriving in Dodoma
We finally arrived in Dodoma at around 1pm. The train station was small, with no platform. You just jump down off the train onto the track. 523 more words


Our first few days: a little bit of culture shock and a long train ride

We’ve both been to Dar, and we’ve both visited different parts of East Africa before. But I guess we were out of practice.

It’s taken us a day or so to get into the swing of things. 713 more words


Sheikh Hemedi Jalala: Akabidhi Nahjul Balagha kwa Wabunge wa Bunge Maalumu la Katiba

Dodoma, Tanzania


Wiki hii kiongozi wa harakati ya Kiislamu chini ya Hawza Imam swadiq Samahati Sheikh Hemedi Jalala akiandamana na Naibu wake Sheikh Mohammed Abdu walifanya ziara katika Majenge ya Bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Jijini Dodoma na Kuonana na Spika wa Bunge maalumu la Katiba Mheshimiwa Samuel Sitta. 460 more words