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Does God Exist? True-U

I am currently going through this DVD series with a group of teenagers at my church. The series is called True-U, Does God Exist? I give it a big STAR and I highly recommend this series as well as the other two True-U sets, “Is The Bible Reliable” and “Who is Jesus?”. 408 more words

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The Reverent Atheist - Book Review

MUCH MORE THAN DOGMA – by Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Kennedy J. Quinn

In this scholarly and thoughtfully presented look at religion, David S. Moore considers much more than dogma. 597 more words

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Does God Exist Series: The Cosmological Argument

The Cosmological Argument is explored as one of the evidences of God’s existence – VIDEO by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Ravi Zacharias

A 15 year old doubts her faith and asks for answers.

(For anonymity’s sake, all personal identifiers have been deleted or changed from the following dialogue. The question was originally posed to a fairly well known full time evangelist from a ministry that conducts evangelical outreach and training for communities throughout the United States. 2,894 more words

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Transcript of the talk "Does God Exist ? "

Transcript of the talk “Does God Exist ? ” by Swami Paramarthananda Saraswati Ji. Grammatical and typos are mine & shall not be attributed to Swamiji. 3,534 more words

Does God Exist

Does God Exist?


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No, Albert Einstein was not a Christian or even a theist (one who believes in a personal God), probably because he failed to understand why evil existed. 547 more words


Swami Paramarthananda Ji - General Talk Transcript Series - "Does God Exist ? - Part 5 - 5" -- COMPLETED.

Now, we should remember when the scriptures use the word God the primary God is ānanta, asanga, chaitnayam alone is the primary God. All the other finite personified God which are located in so many places which are elaborately described in Puranas or scriptures, they are only temporary presentation of God for the sake of our Sādhana. 910 more words

Does God Exist