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Does God Exist: Evil and Suffering

Skeptics say God cannot exist because of all the evil and suffering in the world. RZIM itinerants refute that argument.

VIDEO by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries


I am not a solipsist

I am not a solipsist.

I am not a what? What the hell is a solipsist?

According to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, solipsism is defined as: 584 more words

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Jesus Never Existed?

 Jesus Never Existed?

Ladies and Gentleman; Boys and Girls:

Before you even think to debate that Jesus never existed, please check your calendar and count the years. 257 more words

Does God Exist?

Does God Exist? True-U

I am currently going through this DVD series with a group of teenagers at my church. The series is called True-U, Does God Exist? I give it a big STAR and I highly recommend this series as well as the other two True-U sets, “Is The Bible Reliable” and “Who is Jesus?”. 408 more words

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The Reverent Atheist - Book Review

MUCH MORE THAN DOGMA – by Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Kennedy J. Quinn

In this scholarly and thoughtfully presented look at religion, David S. Moore considers much more than dogma. 597 more words

Book Review

A 15 year old doubts her faith and asks for answers.

(For anonymity’s sake, all personal identifiers have been deleted or changed from the following dialogue. The question was originally posed to a fairly well known full time evangelist from a ministry that conducts evangelical outreach and training for communities throughout the United States. 2,894 more words

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