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Does God matter?

I concern myself, as a philosophy student, with the question of “Does god/God exist?”. In reality, looking at it, you also have to ask “Does it matter?”… I mean, of course being philosophy, we look to answer every question, even if on the surface it can seem trivial… 210 more words


Belief in God! Does it make sense?

Throughout history until now the vast majority of the people in this world have always believed in God one way or the other which shows that it is not an invention of few people but a natural thing. 551 more words

Existence Of God

Atheist Sympathizer

I’ve got one more burst on this conversation about doubt and faith to follow up my last post.  This all started with an article… 452 more words


I'm Glad I Asked

“…when I hear the Christian platitude that God is love, I often feel great sadness about the level of disconnect that must exist for someone to not see the deep chasm between what we mean by love and what the Bible claims that God did to the poor unfortunate souls (in other parts of the Bible) that he didn’t choose.”

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Does God Exist?

Initially, I was going to make this post a somewhat philosophical exposition on a relatively plausible theory drawing on why god does not exist. But I’m not gonna do that. 740 more words


Day 90 In the Pursuit of Love

“The day we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity,” by Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

What does death mean to you?  Are we a body that ceases to function, we are buried/cremated and you exist no more? 522 more words


I have proof that God doesn't exist.

Me: Do you now? Where did you get this proof?

My Self: Where do you think? Logic, Stupid.

Me: Alright, more doubts huh? Let’s hear ‘em. 514 more words