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Is Religion the #1 Cause of War?

A common objection raised against Christianity, is that religion is the #1 cause for war throughout human history. Therefore, Christianity, along with all other religions, cannot be true. 742 more words


Milo's home run

A man usually made it to all his son’s games, but missed this one due to an overtime job. The following conversation shows some serious amusement, between the atheist brother and the believer, with a sober summary. 683 more words


What's So Ordinary?

When it’s hard to believe in miracles…

In the hope of change…

In overcoming…

In transformations and new beginnings…

In healing…

When our spirit is willing, but our flesh is frail… 156 more words


Does God Exist?

The thoughts of God and death had always been a plague upon my mind for a great part of my life. It contributed to racing thoughts, a great deal of anxiety, and horrendous fear on a regular basis. 796 more words


Does God Exist?

This is the most basic question that comes in everyone’s mind, “Does God Exist or Is it all Mind Games” and as it is foundational to any philosophy/religion this must be discussed and clarified.All people do get this doubt during their lifetime irrespective of the religion they follow. 351 more words

All About The Supreme Lord

Sociocultual relativism and the Existence of God

Sociocultural Relativism cannot explain why it is morally wrong to unjustifiably hurt people without proving God’s existence


  1. Our society or culture can say in all societies it is morally wrong to unjustifiably hurt people…
  2. 246 more words