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Karma doesn't give a

Karma doesn't give a shit who you are.

Pastor Banned From Feeding Homeless Because He Doesn't Have A Food Truck Permit

Every other Saturday Rick Wood delivers hundreds of hot dogs and bottles of water to homeless people in need. But the people who rely on Wood’s generosity may soon be left empty-handed. 22 more words

Doesn't Matter

Fast or slow,
High or low,
Doesn’t Matter.

Up and above.
Why or How.
Doesn’t Matter.

Left or Right.
Dim or Bright.
Doesn’t matter.

Night or Day, 14 more words

What Doesn't Kill You

It’s the deadliest poison known to man.He’s the only one who knows its true power.She’s the only one who can stop the evil.The chase is on. 23 more words