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Understand How Dogs Speak--Part 1

It was so fast I’m not sure I saw it, but I know I sensed it. The merest hesitation. The slightest whisker flick. Then the other dog moved away.At the other end of my leash was Belle, one of our rescues awaiting adoption. 586 more words

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Dog Whispering in the 21st Century

Dog Whispering in the 21st Century. A superb explanation why Cesar Millan’s methods instill fear and distrust in dogs, not to mention a misinterpretation of leadership.

Dog Behavior & Training

Read Dogs Perfectly...in the near future.

Wow! When I saw the news about Mood Wings, I literally got goose bumps. I’m working on an article how to understand dog communication by learning to read their subtle and not-so-subtle  physical cues.   152 more words

Dog Behavior & Training

Vocabulary Helps Understand Dog Behavior

Lola, a puppy in training, spied the trio before I did and let me and the owner know that we had approaching space invaders. Engrossed in their phones three teens were walking toward us on the other side of the street. 478 more words

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DINOS Need Understanding

DINOS Need Our Understanding                                                                                                                 By Augusta Farley

Walking near the dog park one day I heard shouting and barking dogs. One man was angrily yelling, “Get your dogs,”  and the other frustrated owner was hollering back, “They’re  friendly!” 555 more words

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