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Facts To Note Down And Remember About Dog Cancer

There are certain dog breeds that are more susceptible to cancer than the others. Every pet lover, and for that matter, every dog lover has to be well aware of the cancerous possibilities in the different breeds. 451 more words

Fighting Canine Mast Cell Cancer

Anna is 11 years old now. And she has been diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer. Here is what we have been going through these past 3 weeks. 847 more words


Pets bring so much to our lives, shouldn't we be willing to do everything for them?

Which is harder for a dog and her owners, fighting canine lymphoma or raising the money for the treatments? We are still struggling to raise the much needed funds to save our beautiful, sweet Bambi. 432 more words

Using Nutrition to Bring Your Dog Vibrant Health

An upcoming 90-minute webinar Nutrigenomics for Dogs: Creating Health & Vitality through Food presented by Dr. Jean Dodds, renowned veterinarian, author, researcher, educator and holistic veterinarian of the year, will help us discover to promote vigor and health through the diet. 183 more words


Another crowd fundraising site for Bambi


We have multiple (three) fundraising pages now set up in the hope that at least one of them will get us some of the help that we so desperately need to Save Bambi. 273 more words

Dealing with the sullen

Another day in our home is another day dealing with a sullen Betty. After the bad news that we received yesterday we are all feeling a little down, but one of us takes it to an extreme. 229 more words

The Essence of Love

Happy birthday to the inspiration for this site, my Haley! You made the world smile — and you continue to give back with love. I miss everything about you, sweet girl! 61 more words