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Viewing Diary: 04/17/2014

Hello, and welcome to The Screen Addict! This is my new blog that will cover the same basic topics as my previous site CinemaSlants, but in a slightly different way. 2,540 more words


Movie Blog @ MSPIFF, Day 13: 'The Dog'

At age 11, I first saw Dog Day Afternoon as an edited-for-TV Sunday afternoon movie on a dreary fall day. The lonely kid version of me was absolutely riveted by the guns, the screams, the laughs, the crowds, the helicopters and the impetus of the whole bank robbery fiasco – a sex reassignment surgery. 514 more words



Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Opportunity makes a thief.” Indeed, it does, for what do you think happens when you leave a box full of donuts untended in a room with two Labrador Retrievers? 624 more words


Al Pacino

Seen: Dog Day Afternoon (1975)/Serpico (1973)

Any girl who’d see Al Pacino in his youth would just, swoon. But hey, this isn’t about swooning, really. To start off, he made me laugh in Dog Day Afternoon. 195 more words

Al Pacino

John Cazale

For: Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

John Cazale is a god. That is and should be all.

Dog Day Afternoon

SXSW Film Review: 'The Dog'

How often Hollywood embellishes. How rare, then, to find a documentary like “The Dog,” in which we discover that, if anything, Sidney Lumet’s “Dog Day Afternoon” left out much of the incredible story behind its 1972 hostage crisis, in which misguided romantic John Wojtowicz robbed a bank to finance his lover’s sex-change operation. 619 more words