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10 LGBT Movies

Written by: A.L.

Dallas Buyers Club – 2013

This drama follows the story of Texas electrician and hustler, Ron Woodroof, as he learns that he is now HIV positive. 852 more words


'Attica, Attica, You Put Them Guns Down!' Ipsita Barik

On a day when we woke up to the seemingly incomprehensible barbarism of a woman being beheaded in Saudi Arabia, we may do well, apropos… 2,078 more words

Bad Ideas

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon (1975) (125 mins)

Director – Sidney Lumet

Starring – Al Pacino, John Cazale, James Broderick

Premise – A man robs a bank to pay for his transsexual lover’s operation, but what ensues is a circus of interest for the thieves, the police, the media and the public. 1,559 more words

9 Stars

Two-Hour Masterclasses.

Part of me thinks a real writer should sell their television set and denounce anything audio-visual. Yet another part thinks that screenplays are a great way to learn and improve our writing techniques, and I’ve seen many this past week. 727 more words