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Etsomnia™ VI: The Wee Edition

Wee: /wē/adjective. Scottish.
1. Little


A Cartoon A Hero and a Baby

It occurred to me today. My philosophy on adventure is not that unlike my perspective on life. It is what you make it. If you believe in your heart something is possible, then it is.  447 more words

Man's Best Friend

Being in the Dog House Never Got so Good!

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Wood Dog Houses For Your Best Friend at the very best price

Cedar dog houses may outlast other wooden shelters.
Because of their resistance to moisture, insects, weathering, and warping, they are quite durable. The wood increases the insulation of the structure and, therefore, the comfort of your pet. 348 more words

#80. Don't...

…think it would be hilarious to introduce your wife to your first girlfriend this way: “Christy, this is Lindsey, my first girlfriend. Lindsey, this is Christy, my first wife.”