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Christmas Requests from a Dog

Dear Human,

We really need to have a talk about the things you get me for Christmas. I do not like squeaky toys quite as much as you seem to think I do. 685 more words

Negotiating with Cookies - The Mathematics of Love

While watching a romantic comedy on television, Fleegle says, “Raud, I think you need a girlfriend.”



“You’ll have to explain that for us who are not so mathematically inclined.” 162 more words


Negotiating with Cookies - Stone Noses

“I want to take a trip, Raud,” Fleegle says.

“Where to?”

“South Dakota.”

Cautiously, I ask, “Why?”

“That’s where those big faces in stone are carved in the mountainside, right?” 161 more words


Negotiating with Cookies - Fleegle Delivers the Mail

“Raud, can we go for a walk?”

Rain taps against the den window. “When it stops raining.”

“Let’s go now. You can wear a hat. You like hats.” 121 more words