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Death of a paper shredder

Alas he served us well for many years. He ripped through tons of junk mail and old bills.

However he hit the wall today when a single sheet of paper made him gasp his last, grind his gears, and give up the ghost. 55 more words


Negotiating with Cookies - Truffles

I’m sitting on the couch watching something pointless on television when Fleegle starts nudging the back of my head with his nose, and it’s not just a nose bump, but more like he’s a pig rooting for truffles. 104 more words


The case of the creeping crud that won't leave

Wow, this creeping crud sure does hang on for what feels like forever. Here I was hoping to be over it today, not happening.

At the rate it is leaving us we’ll be almost another week laid up with it. 42 more words


Kikko doing my paperword

This is Kikko, as many of you know, she is my furry daughter. Sometimes I think she just puts up with me since her Daddy (my wonderful Hubsters in the background of the pic) spoils her rotten. 66 more words