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Never Get so Excited that You Pee on the Couch

I have become quite accomplished at doing several tricks. I must confess that my main motivation is because it involves getting dog cookies when I do a good job. 227 more words

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Dog Shaming Pictures for Your Monday Blues

Instead of cute dogs this Monday, we have a collection of the ever popular dog shaming pictures.

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Negotiating with Cookies #13 - One Scoop, Two Scoops…

As I scoop kibble into Fleegle’s bowl, he spins in circles counter clockwise, always counter clockwise, and he sort of leads with his butt like a backwards circle. 166 more words


Negotiating with Cookies #12 - Meal Time

I’m sitting at my desk filling out next week’s dog training schedule when Fleegle comes in from outside, sits next to me and stares.

I glance at the wall clock. 153 more words


The #Dogs Less or More Traveled?

Walt Whitman trekked all over the countryside, and Emily Dickinson rarely left the house — and yet both have long been considered two of America’s greatest storytellers. 69 more words

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Cute Dogs for Your Monday Blues

Cute dogs to cheer up the beginning of your work week…

Humor And Observations

French #Dogfriendly Book for Kids...and #Chiens

If you enjoy the artwork of Maira Kalman or Wendy MacNaughton (Lost Cat), then you will surely love the witty illustrations of Jackie Clark Mancuso… 37 more words

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