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Life With Bella - Transportation

Musings on life, by Bella – the cat-ish dog

Bella on transportation, also known as how to carry a bitch

Because of my delicate size and extreme cuteness, people often want to carry me around.   260 more words

Dog Humor

Negotiating with Cookies #22 - A Walk with Fleegle

While on a walk, Fleegle trotting along at my side, we pass a man walking his dog. The dog pulls against a too short of a leash while the man stares at his phone with his head down and ear buds plugged into his ears. 312 more words


If These #Dogs Could Write...

Need a ghost-dog writer? BuzzFeed has just come up with 22 Literary Pun Names For Your Dog. Let’s hear those barbaric yawps!

Dog Books

Negotiating with Cookies #21 - Self Help

Fleegle and I are in the den, being couch potatoes watching television.

“This can really help you with your self-image,” the guest on the couch says to the television talk show host. 186 more words


Negotiating with Cookies #20 - Cheese for Fleegle

Fleegle sits next to me on the couch, watching my every bite. “You know, the proper way to eat pizza is with your hands, not on a plate with a fork,” he says. 141 more words