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Your small dog doesn't get a pass

The other day I wrote about the Tan Pointed Terror being out in the middle of the night and getting attacked by a dog that had gotten loose and whose owner was in the process of trying to wrangle the dog back. 605 more words

Dog Ownership

Being right sucks sometimes

A while ago I wrote about the Tan Pointed Terror, my neighbors dog who was let out to roam the neighborhood constantly.  The dog that would charge us every chance it got and the very reason I decided to start muzzling Juno when we go out for walks. 493 more words

Dog Ownership

5 things dog owners will understand

1.  Passersby on the street will talk to your dog, not you.

2.  Planning a vacation?  Housing your dog for a week could very well cost more than housing you! 35 more words

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Poison Ivy One - Susan Zero

Could someone please explain something to me? What on earth could possibly be the benefit of poison ivy? It grows prolifically, withstands floods and extreme drought and can live despite me spraying it with even the most concentrated herbicide I can find on the base of the plant for five minutes. 541 more words


The truth about pets and dating

PetSmart Charities, Inc. a nonprofit animal welfare organization teamed up with Match.com, the online dating agency, to survey single people about pets and dating.  The results are revealing.  Here’s the synopsis:

Dog Ownership

Bark For Your Park!

There are 15 finalists for this year’s Bark for your Park contest, sponsored by PetSafe.

PetSafe evaluated the availability of land, civic leader support, population size, and the total number of votes in the first round of the contest to come up with the finalists. 153 more words


For the Love of a Pooch

It has been more than five years since Bill, great-souled dog of the Family Bowers, breathed his last. Here’s to him.

Fate took us to the shelter, not any agenda… 135 more words