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The Jerk and the Doofus

This morning we woke up to the first snowfall of the season. Let me correct the term morning, morning was 1:15am. Mitch ever the dedicated wanted to get up an hour earlier than normal so he could get to work extra early in order to get all of the equipment they use at work up and ready for a day of deicing one airplane after the other. 435 more words


Give a Dog a Cookie

If you give a dog a cookie(treat) he may sit and stay. If you give a dog a cookie he may even do a trick. These things are not that possible without dedicated training of course! 216 more words


The Mind is Going

I’m not sure if age is to blame, work stress or the holiday season, but I think I’m definitely losing my mind. Each week I set out a work week’s daily wardrobe selection. 568 more words


Sunset in Richmond Park & Dangerous Dogs

Sunset in Richmond Park

I decided to take the boys out Saturday afternoon, it had been a while since we had had one of ‘those’ walks, the ones that when you do go out you think “Why don’t I do this more often?” 602 more words


A Dog, Scarves, Ink And A Journal

Spent more time writing and less time surfing, but I did find a few items worth sharing…


I Think It's An Attitude Problem

On November 4, Downtown Dog Rescue posted a story on its Facebook page about a man who came to the shelter to retrieve his lost dogs. 1,022 more words


Tuesday Tails: Taking on Two

We have now had Arccos for over a week and there have certainly been some surprises with taking on a second dog. For us, it isn’t significantly more work, as our favorite way to challenge and tire out our dogs is to make them think all day long using clear expectations like they will sit before going outside and sit in order to get back in. 340 more words

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