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Don't be a "Todd's Owner"

We’ll go with TO for short.

Yesterday, we did indeed take Sammie to the dog park. It was beautiful weather, and when we arrived, we couldn’t believe no one else was there! 407 more words


Sammie, I believe, thinks she’s a ninja. She is always trying to be super sneaky – putting her head and one paw up in your lap to try and climb onto the furniture; turning as she sits ever so nicely at your feet so she can maybe possibly get her nose in your food; or even belly crawling to get closer to the cats so she can attempt to play with them. 319 more words

Piedmont Park (again)

Piedmont Park has two dog parks. One for big dogs and one for small dogs. There were two Yorkies and a yellow lab in the small dog park (I think the couple of owners were making a connection, very cute). 124 more words

Chicago's Best Dog Park (That isn't in Chicago)

Life for an active dog in Chicago is pretty good. There’s 20+ dog parks, an awesome dog beach and plenty of dog-friendly green spaces. That said, there are just some things you can’t get in a city, and a massive dog-park with acres and acres to roam is one of those things. 360 more words

Rhodesian Ridgeback

New dog park opens in Honolulu

It’s been years in the making and now finally ready for use.

On Sunday, the city, along with other community members, opened the Ala Wai Dog Park. 354 more words


Best Dog Friend

We took Fred to the High Bridge Dog Park yesterday and it totally changed his life. Mostly because he tried to sniff another dog’s junk right before that dog answered nature’s call. 92 more words