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Morning trip to Jack Darling Park

At a certain point in his development, young George simply considered anything that moved to be an object of his doggy lust. This was a good indication it was time for his neuter surgery, which we had done in early August. 631 more words


Dogs and Apartment Living

Happy dogs are the best dogs. With proper training and care any dog can thrive in an apartment, no matter their breed. The tips below highlight some of the key issues dogs in apartments face, and how to deal with them. 236 more words

Furry Friends

Cincinnati is Ranked Number One for Pet Lovers

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but Cincinnati is dog’s best friend. WalletHub recently ranked the top 100 cities based on their “creature-friendliness”. The list of metrics that helped Cincinnati attain the top spot on the list include veterinary care costs, number of veterinarians per capita, dog parks per capita, and pet-friendly trails.  32 more words


A Run & Some Impromptu Dog Park Agility

We’ve been getting some great runs in with the cooler weather. Tomorrow it is supposed to head back up to mid 80s so I decided to do my “long” run today. 203 more words



Once upon a time, there was a Mommy who had three little girls: an Oldest, a Middle one, and the Youngest.

When the girls were little, they all loved dogs. 405 more words


Top 10 Summer Activities...For Dogs!

HK Magazine has recently compiled a nice little top 10 lists of Summer activities you can do with your dog in Hong Kong! Some of the suggestions mentioned I hadn’t heard of, such as the Wan Po Road Dog Park, or the listed dog friendly restaurants. 144 more words


Dog Park Shenanigans (TW: Sigil Magick)

So, I am one pissed off NYC Witch. For a bit of backstory, there are 2 dog parks in my neighborhood, one of which I live within walking distance of. 335 more words