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"Dogs must be kept on a lead" by Sasha at her kitchen table

Monday December 13, 2014
5 minutes
London overground rules

Bobby always says, “Don’t get me wrong…” I think about how if he needs to say that so much people are probably getting him wrong all over the damn place. 164 more words

Not-So-Winter Wonderland

At this time last year our never-ending-polar-vortex winter was well underway. It would be seemingly months before we saw the sun again here in Chicago. This year however, Mother Nature offered us a bit of a mulligan in the form of a bright, balmy December. 149 more words

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Pack Life

As many of you already know, I work with dogs every day in a pack setting. I see dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds interacting in harmony. 573 more words

Dog poo = dog treats!

Aletha turned me on to a TV show on the National Geographic Channel where a social scientist runs experiments trying to modify people’s behavior.  In one, he set up a poop disposal bin in a dog park which… 15 more words

Civic Action

Yes. I tend to go a little overboard for my dogs. Am I alone?

If you ask, I am sure many people would tell you that I tend to go a little overboard where my pets are concerned. (I know for sure my family would!) I tend to buy them things that I think will enrich their lives and make them happy. 337 more words

Fun Stuff

Dog Park Etiquette

Anya playing tug with one of her favorites: a super sweet 60lb Pit Bull

I am a huge fan of dog parks…for some dogs, and more importantly, for some people. 951 more words