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Pick up your dog's poo

I’m not sure how many times I have to see it.  Yes,  poo is unsightly and smelly.  It may even make you gag at the thought of it,  but picking up after your dog has made a mess is one part of actually having and caring for your furry friends. 27 more words

Dog Mess

watering plants

Plants need watering the summer. I have been using my bathwater (cooled down) for watering and this is economical and eco-friendly. I use bio-degradable and organic soaps so I am guessing that the water should not harm the plants in any way. 135 more words


Throwback Thursday

Cute overload: here’s me, aged three, dressed as a bunny.

Possibly the last time I was ever truly adorable in my life.

(God, I wish my legs were still that skinny. 506 more words


gym is hard

Well, it’s not a run day, but every day I don’t run, I say that.  I jumped onto the stairmaster for a few minutes, took me that long to figure out it wasn’t an elliptical machiney thing, and after that hurt and got way boring, I jumped onto the treadmill. 125 more words


Transition: Bristol - Cork=Frying Pan - Fire?

So I moved from Bristol to Cork in January 2013, after a 6 month layover in Bristol to complete the formalities for my Library job. Switching back to life in Bristol after Switzerland was strange and difficult enough, given how great I found life in Schwiess, but this was compounded by the death of a close friend shortly after my return, and the departure of my daughter and her mother to Ireland three months before I could join them. 1,127 more words