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Feeling a bit poo.

So I’m feeling a bit poo, mainly because I keep standing in it! I do not mean my own poo. Dog poo. Dog poo everywhere. Please Spain, when your dog does what a dog has to do, clean it up. 553 more words

3rd Year Abroad

#todaysconclusions 20/10/14


Running down a private road because your dog has poo’d and your out of poo bags is embarrassing.

Doing this whilst on the phone is even worse. 55 more words


Lightbulb moment

While watching the tellybox on Friday night, the bulb in the table lamp beside me started flickering. It’s one of those low-energy LED things that’s supposed to last… 843 more words


#todaysconclusions 06/10/14

Salt n pepper French baguettes are delicious.

You can hypnotise a dog with a chilli.

Cooking an old classic takes you back.

Everyone moans when it gets that little bit more cold. 29 more words


#TechTuesday - The Poo Puck Poop Pick Up Tool!

Welcome to #TechTuesday. This week – The Poo Puck

I’d like to introduce a new column at Haus of Pug – #TechTuesday! Basically every week I’m going to highlight a cool piece of pet technology. 699 more words

Dog Blog


Well, here’s a thing. As a person who is privileged to have a little dog as a companion animal (that’s the “political correctness gone mad” term for a pet), I try to be a responsible keeper of my little friend. 1,105 more words


#hap2014 - 264 - Undone (by Weezer)

Cool. While you read I might be sitting in a train somewhere between Prague and Vienna on my way back to Münster (as weird as it sounds). 92 more words