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Throwback Thursday

Cute overload: here’s me, aged three, dressed as a bunny.

Possibly the last time I was ever truly adorable in my life.

(God, I wish my legs were still that skinny. 506 more words


gym is hard

Well, it’s not a run day, but every day I don’t run, I say that.  I jumped onto the stairmaster for a few minutes, took me that long to figure out it wasn’t an elliptical machiney thing, and after that hurt and got way boring, I jumped onto the treadmill. 125 more words


Transition: Bristol - Cork=Frying Pan - Fire?

So I moved from Bristol to Cork in January 2013, after a 6 month layover in Bristol to complete the formalities for my Library job. Switching back to life in Bristol after Switzerland was strange and difficult enough, given how great I found life in Schwiess, but this was compounded by the death of a close friend shortly after my return, and the departure of my daughter and her mother to Ireland three months before I could join them. 1,127 more words

The scents of my run

As I was walking, on my daily walk/run, trying to come up with some ideas for a new sci-fi story I started working on a couple of days ago, I smelled something that got me thinking a little deeper. 433 more words

Writing Life

10 Random things that pissed me off today

1. People who argue on the internet, just because they can.

2. Bloggers who never ever reply to their comments, especially when they’ve written something controversial. 140 more words


Kennel Club challenges Corporation of London over Burnham Beeches Dog Control

I recently wrote about Dogs and nature. Dogs undoubtedly have a fantastic social value, but also a large environmental footprint, not least in areas valuable for their nature. 2,324 more words