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For the last few days we have been babysitting two extraordinary little shih-tzu/godzilla crossed dogs for my beloved nephew.

In the two pictures below you can see that Missy (the littlest of the shih-tzu/godzilla crossed dogs) is an intimidating force. 139 more words


Get out of the way.

Dogs instinctively are interior decorators. No 529s, community college, or certifications needed.

Heavy into earth tones and organic materials.

Added bonus is improved health.

They keep saying exposure builds immunity and resistance to germs. 314 more words


My Exit Blog (Author, Squidge the Dog)

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my owners.  They say it was 17 days and I have no idea how long that is but while these temporary minders are kind enough, they aren’t my regular peeps.   341 more words

Dog Sitting

Riddle Solution

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggested answers to my riddle.  I was going to post the solution last night but time got away on me.   551 more words

Dog Sitting

A Riddle From Squidge

Dear Readers,

I am nearing my last article as a guest blogger.  I understand variety is important in keeping an audience interested so I thought I’d pose a riddle to you.   396 more words

Dog Sitting

Squidge Statistics

It’s -35 with the wind this morning so what’s a dog to do but reflect on his stay-cation   When I was on my short but efficient walk this morning (you know what I mean), I thought about what I could give the human for blog material.   481 more words

Dog Sitting

Moles & Other Foul Human Conditions

What is a Mole?  

A small collection of cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for skin pigmentation. YUCK. Moles can appear anywhere and it’s not uncommon for hairs to grow out of moles. 112 more words