Learning by association (classical conditioning) - a powerful tool in dog training.

Here I discuss classical conditioning – learning by association – in dog training. Dogs make associations constantly in their environment. By having a greater understanding of what we are doing and how this effects the associations our dog makes, we will have a more harmonious life with our dogs.

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A Howling Good Time...Fun for Dogs in Del Mar

This blog post marks the first of what I hope to be a series of articles about fun places to hang out with your pet in San Diego county. 726 more words

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Make Sure the World Knows You’re Open for Business: Learn the Basics for Improving Your Pet Website SEO

by Niki Tudge
“SEO is not synonymous to JUNK EMAIL” – Matt Cutts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term tossed around in many discussions about internet marketing, however few people truly understand what it involves and how to improve it. 719 more words

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What a trip!

So…the last post I wrote was in March of this year.  I was starting to work outside my home for the first time in many years.   335 more words


Getting a New Dog: How do you choose the right dog for your family?

Nisi: There is nothing more sad for me than seeing a client struggle with raising a dog that is really just not a good fit for their life. 2,662 more words

Getting Started In Getting Organized

by Niki Tudge

One of the hardest parts about getting organized is sorting and sifting through all the “stuff”. But all this “stuff” can cause distractions and take up valuable space. 1,150 more words

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