Jaxxy's Transition To A Spring Pole

What do I do in a Blizzard?
Transition Jax to Spring Pole!
Lot of people tug. Not that many people use Spring Poles.

The way old school dogmen used them didn’t involve control. 198 more words

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Sit Means Sit Dog Training on Training Methods

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Tu-Hai Ngo, Owner/Head Trainer at Sit Means Sit Dog Training San Jose | 4082057343

So I came across this blog/short read earlier today, and I thought I would share my thoughts on the matter. 264 more words

Dog Training

Dogs have incredible hearing.

They can pinpoint the exact origin of a sound and determine if it is threatening on non-threatening. Their ears work like radar and they can hear ultra-high frequencies that humans cannot hear. 39 more words

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Boarding with Durfey's Dogs

Check out my video on you tube.  This will give you a chance to see my facility and learn about our boarding opportunities.

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Dog Stairmaster

Your dog must already know how to play fetch and be willing to return the ball to play this game. It is great during the winter months to burn off extra energy. 53 more words

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What is that little footpad way up at the top of Fido’s wrist?

It’s called stopper pad and it helps them stop when they are running. When your dog runs, he bends his foot all the way back until the stopper pad hits the ground. 12 more words

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