How to find a positive trainer in Singapore for this girl, click to read.


My naughty (but loveable) dogs!

I have 2 dogs – Dave and Ben.  I love them both – for which they should be grateful (otherwise they would have be given away by now) 431 more words

The willingness of listening

Our guest post today was written by my friend and colleague, dog trainer Erika Slovikoski CPDT-KA:

I don’t know why dogs have always been so important to me. 475 more words

It's all about the dogs. Or is it??

I’ve been training dogs and their owners for a little over 6 years now – not an extensive amount of time, but enough to learn a few things! 831 more words

Pawsitively Pets

Personalities: Pushy vs Shy

Nisi: I often encounter a scenario with training clients where the personality of the dog is not meshing well with the personality of the owner and behaviour problems are cropping up as a result. 1,236 more words

Course correction

Switching tracks again.

I am returning to canine education. Which means I’M LEAVING THE BLOODY HOTEL!

Part of the reason I abandoned this course previously, involved the belief that certification would be necessary for full-time work as a dog trainer, and another issue was a considerable amount of intimidation from the level of involvement demanded by said certification. 158 more words


Why "Break Sticks" Are Shit.

If you’re a dog trainer with an interest in rehabbing dog aggression……

Please. Throw the “Break Stick” away.

Look, I know why you have them. It’s a logical mistake to make. 598 more words

Jay Jack