Faith In Handler Drill

I wrote about this a long time ago. Back then I was calling it “Reverse BAT”.  But, now I call it the Faith In Handler Drill. 28 more words

Jay Jack

Happy Howladays and may all your Staff Parties be great :)

I thoroughly enjoy planning and suprising my staff at Christmas. Last year I had planned an outing where we learned about glassblowing and got to make some ornaments. 237 more words


Kingdom Come..

Beach Bum status!
This dog is such a little baby, it’s funny. He’s gonna make his momma very happy. He’s done so well in this program.
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Beach time.

King has come such a long way in two weeks! We took a trip to the beach today an he’s meeting strangers with smiles and moving on to the next person to meet an greet. 6 more words

Sock Toys for Dogs

Have you noticed that your dog loves dirty clothes? Dogs love to have your scent on them. You can take advantage of that by using old socks and making them into toys. 78 more words

Dog Trainer

Obedience first.

What does your dog know?
Does your dog know any of these obedience commands?
•leave it
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Shell Game for Dog

If you think the shell game is just for people, you are wrong. This game uses 3 cups (or shells) and one yummy treat. Set the cups upside down in front of your dog. 63 more words

Dog Trainer