Do You Believe the PIT BULL?


As a top dog trainer traveling all over Michigan, I work with a lot of pit bulls and their owners. Yes, some are mean, have fear aggression, territorial aggression, are aggressive to other dogs or people and some even have a problem with food aggression. 497 more words

I'm Creating a Monster

As I continue with Cobalt’s desensitization and positive associations with people on the street and general everyday activities, I’m noticing a small problem. I’m creating a super dog. 573 more words

What can your dog see?

Here I briefly discuss what your dog can see in relation to what you can see, how this effects training and behaviour modifications and what we can do to rectify this/

Dog Behaviour

Perfect Pet Therapy

This video is so cute and funny. It was taken of “Zoe” a 9 month old Boxer puppy in Training, who goes on weekly pet therapy and obedience training visits. 36 more words

Training A Therapy Dog to Heel and Heal

I have been rescuing and training dogs for over fourteen years for a variety of things: obedience, behavioral modification, breaking aggression, agility, tricks, service dog work, and pet therapy. 414 more words

Woman Spends $25k To Look Like Jennifer Lawrence

Why do people do this to themselves?  You were made beautiful just the way you are!!!!!  Stories like this always make me want to scream and then I just laugh at how dumb people are.  120 more words


Holistic, Positive Dog Training

Shari Strader uses holistic, reward based, positive reinforcement training techniques.  These training methods are cutting edge and scientifically proven to achieve the best, long term results.  86 more words

Dog Trainer