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Working with Salma

Today I took Salma to the park alone so we can work on her rabbit issue without Chili stealing my attention. I had special treats and a 10 m long line with me. 42 more words

The Tragedy of Dog Training

It is not difficult to make a name for one’s self in this industry, and I say that speaking from experience. Come up with an idea or rehash an old one, package it well and people will buy it. 861 more words

Helping Fearful Dogs

Never ending story with a fearful dog

I haven’t been writing for a while, I’m busy with the studies (spent few ours on operant conditioning today and my head is about to explode) and Chili has been sick. 349 more words

Train and Save; Prevent Bolting

One of the preeminent responsibilities of any pet owner is to provide for the safety of the pet. So much of what owners and trainers do is to ensure that the pets in their charge are safe and well cared for. 1,342 more words

Dog Training

GCDS Silver Award Success!

Well done to members of my GVDTC Thursday Obedience class who took their GCDS Silver award today.  The weather was very wet but I’m delighted to say that nine dogs passed!   63 more words

Dog Training

Little balloon

Chili woke me up today at 5 a.m. She was crying so I thought she might have an upset stomach (as she never cries at night I take it seriously). 374 more words

Wait, where are you?

Where is FIT with Katie? Why are there no posts here?

Hi! Im Katie from FIT with Katie, and yep I’m missing from here right now! 80 more words

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