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FACT: Dogs don’t have to bark.

Most dogs who bark at strangers or other dogs are either scared, frustrated, or both. Here are some tips to help you teach your dog to remain quiet in the house and out on walks: 499 more words

Dog Training

This Dog Shuts Down...

My working bred Australian Shepherd Tommy came to us as a worried dog, not sure of anything, afraid of vehicles, and if you look at him wrong or lift your arms, he freezes with his ears back, and puts his head down in a cower. 230 more words

Clicker Training

Are You Nagging Your Dog?

I have been thinking about dog training lately; specifically about how we communicate with our dogs.

In the basic essence and over simplified philosophy of dog training you are rewarding what you like and ignoring what you don’t like.  747 more words


The Power of Love...

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” -MLK

Dog Training

Introducing Turnip Halverson!

Bret and I have never been so proud to fail at something!

On January 3, 2015 Bret and I became official “foster failures”.  We are so proud to introduce Turnip Halverson…he is now part of his forever family.   1,334 more words

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Doing Nothing

We people are doers. We like to have an affect; on other people, the environment, even animals. We like to help, and we like to see the results of our efforts. 1,256 more words


Effective Dog Training Methods for your Pets!

Good effective Dog Training uses “commands” that form the primary method of communication between a dog and its owner. As humans communication is primarily though the voice, the concept of conversation is easy for us to understand, however dogs communicate via body language, using their mouth and by barking, growling and howling. 435 more words

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