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Scent work training

For some time I’ve been training my dogs to carry out scent work searches around the house and garden. It’s a great way to allow them to use their natural sniffing instinct and also tires them out which is especially useful if the weather is wet and horrible. 107 more words

Dog Training

Training one new thing daily

What does your dog know how to do? Can they do it anywhere/everywhere?

What level of performance are they capable of? Only once in a while when there is nothing else going on, or in front of a crowd? 532 more words


How to Train your Dragon 2... Educating future generations to change the treatment of dogs

Often times we go to animated films and expect some form of a lesson for all who is watching the movie.  It is often a lesson of being brave, heroic and most of all never to give up.   858 more words

Reinforcing naughty behaviour

There’s no question that people love their pets, however, there is a major issue in when some owners  show their dog affection. What many people do not realize is that when you touch a dog who is fearful, anxious, possessive, dominant, hyper, begging, barking, shaking, or whining, you are actually rewarding an unwanted state of mind or behaviour. 332 more words

Proactive dog owner- working on a problem that didn't occur yet

Two or three days ago I’ve noticed that Chili started to pay attention to people approaching us in the park. Not, all people and not every time but on several occasions when she noticed someone she stopped and looked. 351 more words

Dog Training

The Elusive Well-Balanced Rescue Dog.

This may sound super bizarre, but I just don’t know how to handle a dog that actually loves people. And not just people, but strangers! It’s so foreign to me and frankly, I’m baffled. 324 more words