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Dog Cupcakes

Today (Sept. 15th) is my cute dog Diesel’s 11th birthday! Last year I made him 6 yummy doggie cupcakes and gave him one each night of his birthday week as a treat. 386 more words


Birthday Pupcakes

Indy’s ‘birthday’ was this week. I say ‘birthday’ because she is a rescue pup and her birthday is a random date her vet chose because we really have no idea when she was actually born. 431 more words


The unfortunate death of a bubbly girl and her pet dog.


A pet dog so wanted by a bright and bubbly little girl.

Lexi Branson was a four year old bubbly little girl from Leicestershire, England who loves to cuddle her new pet white and brindle Aylestone bulldog Mulan.   655 more words


Why Are Dogs Crazy for Bones?

Have you ever wondered why dogs have the fetish about bones? Why do you think they love to cling to the bones they love to chew and safeguard it with all their might? 826 more words


Petit Healthy Dog Treat Sample | Freebie

Get a FREE sample of Petit Health Dog Treats by just signing up. A Facebook account is required. Offer only available while supplies last.


What Should I Feed My Dog?

This is a question we receive often! A balanced and nutritious diet is an important part of keeping your dog active and healthy. If you’re wondering if your dog is eating the right kind and amount of food, Dr. 18 more words


Milkotein: First of a kind Dog Treat With The Highest Level of Protein

Milkotein™ is a unique and one of a kind dog treat formulation made from high grade protein-rich Chhurpi from the Himalayas. For generations, the Super food… 559 more words