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Street food.

We were nervous about pulling our Southern Missouri dog out of his quiet Midwest world and dropping him in the middle of the insanity of San Francisco. 251 more words

Opposite Day

Music: Dog Walker

Early Fall recording, Alexandria: Dog Walker


Mack. Welcome, to the dog pack.

Look at that face.

It’s always a mixture of excitement and fear, as a dog walker, when we take a new dog into the dog pack. 74 more words

Dog walking bag

My new dog walking bag arrived today, and although it’s not as ‘zingy’ as my old one it’s sooo much better.

It’s huge for starters! It has more pockets and also has meshed side pockets that will hold a small water bottle. 180 more words

Baking Blitz!

Over the past week or so, I became pretty uncertain when buying treats – I read every packet, and assess all the different ingredients. For me, this is pure habit, as a vegetarian I’m always checking ingredients, and having rabbits who are also vegetarian means it never really stops! 303 more words