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Sketchbook October 18, 2014

Here’s a logo I designed for Ryan’s Dawg Pack, a friend’s dog-care service in Ontario, CA.

Who Am I?

I have a key to your house.  I know your alarm code.  I know about that squeaky floor board in your hallway and where you like to kick off your shoes when you come home.   453 more words


Wonder Walks with Bella, Tilly and Lewi

Bella and Tilly are two Jack Russels and Lewi is a Jack Russel cross Pug, they call this mix a Juggle. All three dogs are clients of WoofGroup Sydney and love going on adventures in the car as we whisk them off to new and exciting places. 399 more words

Dog Walking

Making friends

So last night our (male) friend came over, and what with us having a nervous dog who is downright scared of strangers (especially men) we were all feeling a little anxious waiting for him to arrive! 333 more words

A 9 Dog Walk in Grantchester!

Here is a photo of our 9 dog walk. Blake was learning the ropes as he’ll be dogwalker next week while I go on holiday with my Mum!

Sheer Nick Attack

This is how these all start, right? With a post about the person who will be posting stuff, so you can get a feel for that person and decide instantly whether or not you think that you’ll like the stuff that they post in the future? 896 more words