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Congratulations you have made 5 posts

I have started up my¬†Thoughts Whilst Dog Walking blog again. It explains the legitimate reason behind why I haven’t posted for months and what I have been mulling over on said dog walk.

A Fresh Start

What’s the point in making a blog if you’re not going to blog on it.
Hang on, I have a completely legitimate reason, my parents have been taking the dog out for the past few months. 234 more words

Dog walker Emma Paulsen to be sentenced Jan. 28

WATCH: Owners of six dogs wept in a Surrey courtroom today, after hearing that their beloved pets had suffered before they died in the back of a truck. 365 more words


A Day In The Life of a Dog Walker

Hello friends. Justin here. I’m going to be writing today’s blog and hopefully illuminating what goes on in a day in the life of a dog walker. 1,221 more words


Who You Are versus Who They Told You to Be

Who are you today? Are you mother? Colleague? Husband? Sister?

Who chooses the label you are wearing? And how will that label dictate how you think, act and feel today? 283 more words

Behold, The Greatest Craigslist Ad Of All Time

Where do we start when discussing the greatest Craigslist ad of all time?

I guess we start with the very first sentence, and then cackle silently at our desks until the very last syllable…’cause that’s what I’ve done like 32 times this morning. 45 more words