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Animals Are Not Disposable

I stumbled upon a show I didn’t know much about when looking for something to watch as I drink my coffee and wake up on Saturday mornings since they took away one of my favorite Saturday morning stations to add yet another old movie station. 624 more words


A lesson in trust

Spiky and Me

The word trust is often bandied about by those who either have no idea what it means or are out to get something from one usually illegal, illicit or just plain wrong. 781 more words


Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

Anyone who has seen the first video before this one? It just shows this guy walking his six Sheperds down the street without leashes.

Now here’s another video, more in depth of the guy, who he is and what’s going on with his dogs. 7 more words

Learning Photography Through Paws

It’s funny, I can credit my pups, dogs, and furbabies with nearly every achievement in life.

They are so fun to watch and a lot of the reason I reach for my camera, even if it’s my i-phone to capture that special moment and share it with others. 469 more words


Training Fearful Dogs: Why You Shouldn't Make Them Do It

In the Fearful Dog Group that I started on Facebook I have established guidelines regarding the methods, techniques or ideologies that are appropriate for sharing with group members. 685 more words

Helping Fearful Dogs

Born the Size of His Nose

This is Koda at 2 weeks of age, sleeping soundly in the palm of James’ hand. This picture was take mid-December 2010. After considering all kinds of large breed dogs, we decided to check out this Golden Pyrenees (Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix). 195 more words

Suzanne Costigan


It is quite well-known that most of the Filipinos are either bilingual or multilingual considering that we learn our province’s language first (e.g., Tagalog for Bulacan, Ilocano for Ilocos, and Ilonggo for Bacolod), English in school, and Tagalog for some speakers who came from non-Tagalog speaking provinces. 542 more words

Big Night