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Lassie Come Home

I invited my husband and children to join me for the meet and greet and together we took another tour of all the dogs in the shelter. 1,797 more words

After The Honeymoon

Look of awe

I have not yet received a reply from mr. Cesar Millan on my note to him. He is a busy man of course, so I understand that. 51 more words

All Kinds Of Cookies

Polite note to the great Cesar Millan

Oh no. We haven’t been home for some weeks and M is already making plans for a new adventure.  I don’t like it at all and since I am in it too, I have to do something about it. 297 more words

All Kinds Of Cookies

Leadership Lessons From The Dog Whisperer

About 10 years ago I started watching Cesar Millan’s first television show, The Dog Whisperer, and was  amazed by the similarities between “pack leader” and human leadership behaviors. 495 more words

Accelerated Coaching & Consulting

Balanced Home. Balanced Dog.

Before I moved to California I spent a lot of time watching The Dog Whisperer. Cesar brought something to my attention. I was always aware that my dog was finely in tune with my stress and anxiety levels, but as far as being “balanced” himself..that’s something I hadn’t thought about until I watched his shows. 280 more words


We are used to hearing the old adage that “a dog is man’s best friend”, yet in Bahamian society we tend to pay little attention to actually training our animals and miss out on the best part of the relationship with our dogs. 663 more words

Nu Woman Magazine

Doggie Dos and Don'ts?

Making its way around the internet is an article titled 11 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate.

Although I am a trainer, I will make no claim to being an “expert” on our four legged friends.   537 more words