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ASPLU president lives to lead


For ASPLU President Sarah Smith, the PLU experience is all about leadership through service. She works tirelessly to make PLU a better place for all students. 501 more words


I Love my Job!

Many years back, I recalled that the doshu (can’t remember if it was the 2nd or 3rd) mentioned that the translation got it wrong. Aikido’s kanji is 合気道, which literally means ‘The Way of Harmony”. 764 more words

The Grey Matter

Just wondering about dogs watching TV...

This is totally random in terms of this blog, but I might have figured out why my dog watches the British “It’s Me or the Dog” 185 more words


The Dog Whisperer changed my Life

Energy: His energy is off, his energy is right, I don’t like his energy, his energy doesn’t sit right with the group. I will be using he throughout this post, not because I am anti woman, but because both my dogs are boys and its easier for me to just write he :D. 579 more words


How to Start Becoming a "Dog Whisperer"

If you are a dog fan or lover, nothing could be more valuable to their lives than understanding how the dog became from that of the wolf. 642 more words

Incidents and accidents of an Italian summer...

Somehow, whole months have passed since last I wrote. All the fun I’ve been having, gadding here, gadding there…But here I am, holed up in cell block H (our apartment) once more, and almost back to a semblance of a routine. 2,926 more words

Lassie Come Home

I invited my husband and children to join me for the meet and greet and together we took another tour of all the dogs in the shelter. 1,797 more words

After The Honeymoon