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Humans and dogs have lived together for ages, but still there are a lot of things humans don’t understand about us. For instance: humans categorize dogs in being ‘dominant’ or ‘submissive’. 541 more words

All Kinds Of Cookies

How to Train your dog

Hey dog people, So to begin my post today I wanted to inform you about ways to train your dog:

1. You can attend puppy classes, the kennel I work at… 616 more words

WWI Begins Use of Dogs in Battle

Article By: Rebecca Frankel

IN APRIL 1917, IN VILLERS-BRETONNEUX, northern France, war was raging. The Germans were advancing on the British; a small brigade of Australian soldiers had emerged from the trenches repeatedly to push them back. 350 more words


ASPLU president lives to lead


For ASPLU President Sarah Smith, the PLU experience is all about leadership through service. She works tirelessly to make PLU a better place for all students. 501 more words


I Love my Job!

Many years back, I recalled that the doshu (can’t remember if it was the 2nd or 3rd) mentioned that the translation got it wrong. Aikido’s kanji is 合気道, which literally means ‘The Way of Harmony”. 764 more words

The Grey Matter