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Monday Mischief: Hunt & Munch

Mom got this great puzzle at the discount store called “Hunt & Munch,” and we actually can figure out how to get to the treats.  You see, the last puzzle Mom got us was so complicated that even she couldn’t get the doors open.   103 more words


Black and White Sunday: Robbers

Just in case you ever wondered what happens in the above ground parking garage when you are gone.  I saw these 2 pigeons trying to break into this car.   56 more words


DogDaz Zoo: A Dog's Birthday


A Dog’s Birthday (by Hub☺)

It’s K8’s birthday! Hope everyone has a super duper day. – DogDaz


Caturday: Wisp of Hair

Both Gertrude and The Muffin Man (aka Muffy) are gone (picture from 2011), but sometimes, when I look to my left from my computer, out of the corner of my eye it seems like they are still there under the window.   37 more words