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Dogging, cottaging and cruising

The excellent Chris Ashford is quoted on the subject of dogging and cruising here, on the BBC website.

Now I’ve covered some of my own views about… 713 more words

Dogging their heels

A new project traditionally goes through these phases.

  1. Wild enthusiasm
  1. Disillusionment
  1. Confusion
  1. Panic
  1. Search for the guilty
  1. Punishment of the innocent
  1. Promotion of non-participants

When training a young border collie, you can pass through all seven phases in as little as twenty seconds. 746 more words

Paul Ross Reviews Everything!

Each week, prolific reviewing-machine Paul Ross turns his critical eye on a few more things he’s recently experienced in his never-ending quest to review absolutely everything on earth. 353 more words



No, I didn’t spell our beloved game the wrong way – this is how Viola L. Cecil spelled it in 1938 when she wrote her book, … 151 more words

Mah Jongg