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A cavalier attitude to sex

Ir is often difficult to understand why people get so exercised about how and why other people have sex. Today I have seen Melissa Farley clutching her pearls about stripping and Gail Dines holding forth about BDSM. 735 more words

Sexual -I-N-Ging

by Kristie LeVangie

I’ve done some things my life. I’m by no means a prude.

I’ll be the first to admit, somewhat sheepishly however, that I’ve been around the block once, twice…maybe even, 200 times. 370 more words

Sex And Relationships

Too many pigs spoil the trough

I wanted some help choosing what to name my blog, so I asked some friends. As you can see, this didn’t turn out well and I have ended up with an inexplicably swine-centric blog that doesn’t really make sense. 164 more words

32-33 - BDSM and dogs

In the BDSM world it’s fair to say that you meet a few more wacky fish than you would in the regular dating world. I think this is kinda fun. 84 more words


For years myself, Squidward Ste, Wipe-out Su, and Thin Phil have been the victims of filthy perverts making an event of watching us get undressed after we finish surfing. 493 more words



I’d discovered a small, yet beautiful patch of woodland close to home and had decided it would be a great location to place a new cache. 686 more words


In The Middle Of Nowhere

Her short tight black dress barely covered her backside as her hips sashayed and swayed to the loud music… He smiled at her  and offered her another shot of absinthe.. 453 more words

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Delicious piece, short but highly charged, love the ending, kinda wish I was there. Or to be honest I kinda wish it was me......