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Dog grooming is not simply a matter of good looks, its also a matter of good health.

Dog Groomer

The Gladiola Conundrum

It was Oakley’s last day at the day care center before it closes and he starts full days at the new one. I decided to do a big-haul shopping trip since I won’t be getting over that way with the same frequency. 337 more words

Tips on maintaining your pet’s health/hygiene between grooms:

• Comb or brush regularly (daily or weekly depending on your pets coat).
• Check your pet’s teeth, ears and nails weekly, clean or clip as needed between grooms. 23 more words

Dog Groomer

Edible Bra's

Stop now. Get your mind focussed people.
This isn’t a post about naughtyknickers.com or the like.

This is, in fact, a post about Charlie. Yes, Charlie the wonder dog. 564 more words

Doggie Daycare

My mommy is taking vacation in the fall. She is nervous about putting me in the kennel for two reasons. 1. She doesn’t know if I was ever in a kennel before I came to live with her. 577 more words


I'm not supposed to be here

I’m supposed to be in New York right now. I’m an idiot.

I’m supposed to be there for 9 days. I can’t do it.

I’m supposed to have dropped the dogs off at the boarding place last night and flown out with my family this morning. 670 more words

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