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Living With Your Doggy Friend in a Small Space 22/09/2014

If you are moving to a smaller space with a pet, you know it can be a little harder. There are ways to make the transition from a larger home to a smaller apartment or home without a yard easier on both…… read more…

Heading away over the holidays?

At Banksia Park Puppies (Victoria) the school holidays are here! Some parents are rejoicing and others are cringing thinking it will be a long two weeks and how to entertain their kids. 533 more words

Banksia Park Puppies

Advice from a Disney Character That's Actually Pertinent

I won’t post the link to “Let It Go” from “Frozen,” nifty song that it is. Elsa sang some words of wisdom, though, as she climbed that mountain. 302 more words

To Everything There Is a Season

Labor Day came and went, and left hand in hand with August. The storm came on Thursday, the one that announces autumn’s impending arrival. We still have a lot of summer in front of us and plenty of nice days ahead until that last week or so in November. 228 more words

A regular grooming could save you and your pet a lot of aggravation.

Call Steffie at 503-238-1638 to make your appointment today!

Dog Groomer

Dog grooming is not simply a matter of good looks, its also a matter of good health.

Dog Groomer

The Gladiola Conundrum

It was Oakley’s last day at the day care center before it closes and he starts full days at the new one. I decided to do a big-haul shopping trip since I won’t be getting over that way with the same frequency. 337 more words