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Dark matter. Obvious dogmatism.

Dark matter, the mysterious substance estimated to make up approximately more than one-quarter of the mass of the universe, is crucial to the formation of galaxies, stars and even life but has so far eluded direct observation. 129 more words

Science Dogmatism

Fear. Behaviour. Fear. Behaviour.

A team of CSHL scientists have discovered a new neural circuit in the brain that directly links the site of fear memory with an area of the brainstem that controls behavior. 57 more words


A mindless designer, a brain, plastic organic shapes...

A designer scans his consumers’ brains to create the optimal home furnishings they desire. (1)

You may like something else, but your brain know better!  105 more words


Not "good science"!

No no no! This is not “good science”! (1)

For eons some people like to define what is “correct”.

Different names – “holy”, “divine”, “scientific” – always implying the same vanity and lust for control…


ESP, sixth sense, beliefs, beliefs.

Ever get the feeling you have extrasensory perception, or ESP — a “sixth sense” that gives you powers of perception that transcend the familiar five senses? 483 more words