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Peer review by patients! Understanding the Universe...

When it comes to clinical research, the participation of the people being treated—the patients—usually ends by the time the study is submitted to a journal. A few U.K.-based publishers are now looking to change that. 178 more words


Atheists, CNN, censorship, free thinking.

Seconds After NFL Star Says “Jesus Died For My Sins”, CNN shuts him down. (1)

Being a “free thinker” is hard.

Atheists claim to be such, but when their beliefs come to the test they fail miserably. 43 more words


Brain. Materialism. Dogmatism. How to read Harmonia Philosophica.

Researchers have successfully replicated a direct brain-to-brain connection between pairs of people as part of a scientific study following the team’s initial demonstration a year ago. 48 more words